World War I
Service Men and Women of Placer County, California

This index is compiled and placed on-line by the Placer County Genealogical Society
through the volunteer efforts of Barbara Leak, Jerry Unruh and Ron Young.

The following names of men and women from Placer County who gave military service in World War I is taken from the History of Placer and Nevada Counties, California, by W.B. Lardner and M.J. Brock (Los Angeles: Historic Record Co., 1924). Lardner and Brock extracted the names from listings originally published in the Placer Herald newspaper of March 8, 1919.

The names were published in six categories:
1. Names of the Enlisted
2. Names of the Inducted
3. Student Army Training Camp
4. Somewhere in France
5. Casualty List
6. Honor Roll

The category "Somewhere in France" names those who saw service on foreign fields. Most of these served in Europe, but a few were with the forces in Siberia and are so noted.

For ease of searching, the Placer County Genealogical Society has consolidated the names from all six categories into a single, alphabetical listing. There is some duplication of names. However, approximately 665 Placer County service men and women are identified.

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Last Name       Given Names        Hometown           Category     Page Additional Information
--------------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------- --- ----------------------
Eagle           R. W.              Lincoln            inducted      308                                       
Egloff          Willard C.         Lincoln            inducted      308                                       
Elam            Alton B.           Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Elcock          Robert J.          Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Elder           Macon              Auburn             enlisted      306                                       
Elder           Macon, Capt.       Auburn             France        310                                       
Elliott         Irwin D.           Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Ellsworth       Frank              Forest Hill Divide France        311                                       
Emerson         Harry Jeff         Rocklin            inducted      308                                       
Engellenner     Amos               Lincoln            France        311                                       
Engle           Harold M.          Auburn             training camp 310                                       
Ertle           Samuel L.          Rocklin            inducted      308                                       
Fahey           Albert Francis     Auburn             enlisted      306                                       
Fairchild       George             Roseville          France        312                                       
Falconer        Leroy L.           Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Faller          L. C.              Dutch Flat         inducted      308                                       
Farra           Fred D.            Newcastle          enlisted      306                                       
Farrell         Tom                Rocklin            France        312 served in Siberia                     
Feeley          John C. Jr.        Auburn             enlisted      306                                       
Ferguson        D. M.              Auburn             France        310                                       
Ferguson        D. M.              Auburn             casualty      313 wounded in action                     
Firenze         Dominico           Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Fisher          L. C.              Dutch Flat         France        311                                       
Fitzpatrick     James R.           Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Fitzsimmons     R.                 Auburn             France        310                                       
Fletcher        Alfred Leslie      Colfax             enlisted      306                                       
Fojardo         Miguel             Roseville          enlisted      306                                       
Folger          Clarence                              inducted      308                                       
Folsom          Joseph             Auburn             France        310                                       
Foot            C. B.              Pleasant Grove     inducted      308                                       
Ford            Daniel             Applegate          France        310                                       
Foster          Chester Wallace    Lincoln            enlisted      306                                       
Foster          Douglas, Lieut.    Auburn             France        310                                       
Foster          Jonathan Douglass  East Auburn        enlisted      306                                       
Foster          Ronald             Auburn             enlisted      306                                       
Foster          Ronald, Lieut.     Auburn             France        310                                       
Fowler          Alfred H.          Colfax             inducted      308                                       
Fowler          Donald C.          Lincoln            training camp 310                                       
Fowler          James              Lincoln            France        311                                       
Fowler          James              Auburn             Honor Roll    313 U.S. Army                             
Fowler          James              Lincoln            casualty      313 reported killed in action             
Frazer          Harvey S.          Loomis             inducted      308                                       
Freitas         C. E. Soto         Newcastle          inducted      308                                       
Freitas         F.                 Loomis             France        311                                       
Frink           William            Forest Hill Divide France        311                                       
Gaines          C. L.              Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Galehouse       Ira                Lincoln            France        311                                       
Gallego         Patricio           Roseville          enlisted      306                                       
Garcia          Joe                Ophir              France        312                                       
Garoutte        George A.          Cisco              enlisted      306                                       
Gasser          Geraldinne Webster Gorge              enlisted      306                                       
Georgis         J. C.              Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Gilbert         Marion M.          Lincoln            inducted      308                                       
Gildersleeve    Cal                Auburn             France        310                                       
Gildersleeve    Calvin S.          Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Gill            Harry              Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Gillick         James Thomas       Lincoln            enlisted      306                                       
Girts           Henry Loen         Colfax             inducted      308                                       
Gito            Alfonso            Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Glines          Isaac William      Roseville          enlisted      306                                       
Goatley         G. A.              Auburn             France        310                                       
Godell          Daniel             Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Godfrey         W. H.              Colfax             inducted      308                                       
Golyer, de      George C.          Lincoln            enlisted      306                                       
Goncalves       Jose               Lincoln            inducted      308                                       
Gonzales        F. A.              Forest Hill        inducted      308                                       
Gonzales        Fidel              Forest Hill Divide France        311                                       
Gonzales        Fidel              Forest Hill        casualty      313 loss of eye                           
Gould           W. A.              Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Graham          John               Auburn             France        310                                       
Grasser         Albert             Ophir              France        312                                       
Gray            Hugh William       Roseville          enlisted      306                                       
Green           Herbert            Auburn             France        310                                       
Green           Herbert            Auburn             enlisted      306                                       
Green           T. H.              Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Greenlaw        William Henry      Weimar             inducted      308                                       
Griffitts       James Raymond      Auburn             enlisted      306                                       
Gustos          Tom P.                                inducted      308                                       
Gwynn           Lee                Auburn             France        310                                       
Hagar           George Walter      Alta               enlisted      306                                       
Haines          James Samuel       Clipper Gap        inducted      308                                       
Halonen         E.                 Rocklin            France        312                                       
Halonen         Gus                Rocklin            France        312                                       
Halonen         Walter             Rocklin            France        312                                       
Hamilton        Frank George       East Auburn        enlisted      306                                       
Hamilton        George             Forest Hill Divide France        311                                       
Hamilton        Jo D.              Auburn             France        310                                       
Hamilton        L. S.              Michigan Bluff     inducted      308                                       
Hamilton        Lyle               Auburn             France        310                                       
Hamilton        Lyle               Auburn             enlisted      306                                       
Hammond         Edward John        Van Trent          enlisted      306                                       
Hammond         Ellsworth          Bowman             France        311                                       
Hammond         Everett            Bowman             France        311                                       
Hammond         Everett Edgar      Bowman             enlisted      306                                       
Hammond         Lester             Bowman             France        311                                       
Hammond         Lester George      Bowman             enlisted      306                                       
Haney           William Francis    Forest Hill        enlisted      306                                       
Hanisch         Frank              Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Hansen          A. W.              Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Hansen          Andrew             Bowman             France        311                                       
Hansen          Harry Ulysses      Loomis             enlisted      306                                       
Hansen          J. W.              Ophir              France        312                                       
Hansen          James              Bowman             France        311                                       
Hansen          James F.           Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Hansen          L. C.              Newcastle          inducted      308                                       
Hansen          T. W.              Ophir              France        312                                       
Hansen          Thomas             Bowman             France        311                                       
Hansen          Thomas W.          Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Hansen          Walter Frank       Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Hardy           Otis Tate          Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Harmon          Floyd E.           Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Hart            B. M.              Auburn             France        310                                       
Hart            W. R.              Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Hatch           Frank              Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Hatch           Harold             Auburn             enlisted      306                                       
Hatch           Ted                Auburn             France        311                                       
Hawkins         Homer E.           Ophir              enlisted      306                                       
Hayes           Edward H.          Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Hayes           Jack               Roseville          France        312                                       
Heath           Roy                Summit             France        312                                       
Heath           Roy                Donner             inducted      308                                       
Hebuck          L.                 Rocklin            France        312                                       
Hebuck          Lewis M.           Rocklin            enlisted      306                                       
Hebuck          Sulo               Rocklin            enlisted      306                                       
Henry           H.                 Loomis             France        311                                       
Henry           S. L.              Loomis             France        311                                       
Herbert         James O.           Auburn             Honor Roll    313 U.S. Army                             
Herbert         James O.           Auburn             casualty      313 died while serving in the armed forces
Herbert         James O.           Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Heryford        Edward             Lincoln            inducted      308                                       
Hewett          F. C.              Loomis             France        311                                       
Hewett          Frank Clark        Loomis             enlisted      306                                       
Hewitt          Frank Clark        Loomis             France        311                                       
Hines           Justin O.          Cisco              inducted      308                                       
Hines           Sidney             Auburn             France        311                                       
Hobson          Vivian             Forest Hill Divide France        311                                       
Hodgson         George             Lincoln            inducted      308                                       
Hoffman         Robert Stephen     Roseville          enlisted      306                                       
Hoffner         Phil                                  inducted      308                                       
Hollingsworth   Samuel             Lincoln            inducted      308                                       
Hotchkiss       John               Applegate          enlisted      306                                       
Hotchkiss       John Farwell       Applegate          enlisted      306                                       
Hotchkiss       John, Lieut.       Applegate          France        310                                       
Hotchkiss       John, Lieut.       Auburn             France        311                                       
Howard          Earl               Loomis             France        311                                       
Howell          Robert Bliss       East Auburn        enlisted      306                                       
Howell          Robert D.          Newcastle          enlisted      306                                       
Howell          Will               Auburn             France        311                                       
Howell          William Edgar      Auburn             enlisted      306                                       
Hoy             Jimmy              Loomis             France        311                                       
Huck            August Samuel      Colfax             inducted      308                                       
Hughes                             Roseville          France        312                                       
Hughes          Bert               Auburn             France        311                                       
Hull            Lloyd E.                              inducted      308                                       
Hundrop         H. G.              Summit             France        312                                       
Hunt            Paul               Bowman             training camp 310                                       
Hunter          John               Penryn             France        312                                       
Hunter          John J.                               inducted      308                                       
Huntley         Calvin Hall        Auburn             training camp 310                                       
Huntley         Crutcher           Auburn             enlisted      306                                       
Hutchinson      E. H.              Colfax             inducted      308                                       
Hyland          Guy Vernon         Roseville          enlisted      306                                       
Ireland         J. S.              Clipper Gap        inducted      308                                       
Jacobson        David R.           Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Jarvis          C. E.              Forest Hill        inducted      308                                       
Jeffers         Alvie Martin       Roseville          enlisted      306                                       
Jeffery         Edward             Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Jennings        Charles            Roseville          France        312                                       
Jennings        Charles J.         Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Jepson          Walter             Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Jeter           H. G.              Roseville          inducted      308                                       
Joerger         G. L.              Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Johns           James Simpson      Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Johns           Simpson            Auburn             France        311                                       
Johnson         A. B.              Newcastle          inducted      308                                       
Johnson         Carl               Lincoln            France        311                                       
Johnson         Carl               Newcastle          France        312                                       
Johnson         Carl               Lincoln            casualty      313 wounded in arm                        
Johnson         Charles J.         Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Johnson         John Frederick     Forest Hill        enlisted      306                                       
Johnson         Ludwig Emil        Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Johnson         Samuel Thomas      Emigrant Gap       inducted      308                                       
Johnson         Victor             Rocklin            France        312                                       
Jones           Alvin W.           Lincoln            inducted      308                                       
Jones           T. R.              Auburn             inducted      308                                       
Jordan          Andy               Rocklin            France        312                                       
Jordan          F. M.              Auburn             France        311                                       
Jordan          John Marshall      Rocklin            enlisted      306                                       
Kane            Revard J.          Newcastle          inducted      308                                       
Kase            M.                 Lincoln            inducted      308                                       
Kass            Leo M.             Lincoln            inducted      309                                       
Kayo            Fred               Penryn             France        312                                       
Kayo            Will               Penryn             enlisted      306                                       
Kelley          Francis R.         Clipper Gap        enlisted      306                                       
Kelley          Raymond            Auburn             France        311                                       
Kemper          Carl               Auburn             France        311                                       
Kemper          Carl               Auburn             enlisted      306                                       
Kenerelly       James George       Roseville          enlisted      306                                       
Kent            I.                 Newcastle          France        312                                       
Keryacopoulas   George             Roseville          inducted      309                                       
Kessling        Hecter             Clipper Gap        enlisted      306                                       
Kokila          Tovia Earnhart     Rocklin            inducted      309                                       
Kokila          Verner             Rocklin            France        312                                       
Kolak           Leo                Newcastle          France        312                                       
Kolak           Leo                Newcastle          inducted      309                                       
Korkegi         Hani J.                               inducted      309                                       

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