World War I
Service Men and Women of Placer County, California

This index is compiled and placed on-line by the Placer County Genealogical Society
through the volunteer efforts of Barbara Leak, Jerry Unruh and Ron Young.

The following names of men and women from Placer County who gave military service in World War I is taken from the History of Placer and Nevada Counties, California, by W.B. Lardner and M.J. Brock (Los Angeles: Historic Record Co., 1924). Lardner and Brock extracted the names from listings originally published in the Placer Herald newspaper of March 8, 1919.

The names were published in six categories:
1. Names of the Enlisted
2. Names of the Inducted
3. Student Army Training Camp
4. Somewhere in France
5. Casualty List
6. Honor Roll

The category "Somewhere in France" names those who saw service on foreign fields. Most of these served in Europe, but a few were with the forces in Siberia and are so noted.

For ease of searching, the Placer County Genealogical Society has consolidated the names from all six categories into a single, alphabetical listing. There is some duplication of names. However, approximately 665 Placer County service men and women are identified.

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Last Name       Given Names        Hometown           Category     Page Additional Information
--------------- ------------------ ------------------ ------------- --- ----------------------
Saladana        Albert             Newcastle          inducted      309                                       
Salmon          Elbert O.          Auburn             France        311                                       
Salmon          Elbert O.                             inducted      309                                       
Sandall                            Loomis             France        311                                       
Sandel          W. F.              Rocklin            inducted      309                                       
Sandel          Walter             Rocklin            France        312                                       
Sanders         Byron              Roseville          France        312                                       
Sanders         Byron              Roseville          inducted      309                                       
Santilli        V.                 Bowman             inducted      309                                       
Sardegrei       Mose               Applegate          inducted      309                                       
Sarti           Ugo                Auburn             inducted      309                                       
Sawtelle        Carl               Roseville          France        312                                       
Sawtelle        Ernest C.                             inducted      309                                       
Sayers          Thomas             Lincoln            inducted      309                                       
Scheirman       Herman             Summit             France        312                                       
Scheppler       J.                 Forest Hill        inducted      309                                       
Schlieter       Hilbert            Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Schmidt         G. C.              Tahoe              inducted      309                                       
Schmmell        Edward Jewett      Lincoln            enlisted      307                                       
Schreiman       Herbert A.         Donner             enlisted      307                                       
Schroeder       Leonard S.         Roseville          inducted      309                                       
Schultz         William A.         Roseville          inducted      309                                       
Schuster        John Clemente      Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Schuster        Todd G.            Auburn             inducted      309                                       
Schwallenberg   Neal               Clipper Gap        inducted      309                                       
Scott           Albert Newton      Lincoln            enlisted      307                                       
Seifert         Jerry              Lincoln            France        311                                       
Shanley         Thomas             Auburn             France        311                                       
Shanley         Thomas B.          Auburn             France        311                                       
Shanley         Thomas Patrick     Auburn             inducted      309                                       
Shannon         J. L.              Newcastle          inducted      309                                       
Shannon         Jack               Newcastle          France        312                                       
Sheehan         W. J.              Bowman             inducted      309                                       
Shepard         Charles            Loomis             France        311                                       
Shepard         William Wallace    Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Shepplar        G.                 Forest Hill Divide France        311                                       
Simpson         Victor             Applegate          France        310                                       
Simpson         Victor             Auburn             France        311                                       
Simpson         Victor Eugene      Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Simpson         Wallace            Applegate          France        310                                       
Simpson         Wallace            Auburn             France        311                                       
Simpson         Walter Irwin       Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Singer          R. L.              Brockway           inducted      309                                       
Skellicorn      Archie             Roseville          France        312                                       
Smith           Art                Summit             France        312                                       
Smith           George A.          Auburn             inducted      309                                       
Smith           Ray                Newcastle          France        312                                       
Snook           Cyril H.           Weimar             France        312 served in Siberia                     
Snook           Cyril H.           Weimar             inducted      309                                       
Sohn            Maurice            Roseville          inducted      309                                       
Spanger         R. R.              Roseville          inducted      309                                       
Sposito         Tony               Rocklin            France        312                                       
Sposito         Tony               Rocklin            inducted      310                                       
Stackhouse`     George Alvin       Roseville          enlisted      307                                       
Stackpole       Edward Vivian      Roseville          training camp 310                                       
Steinhage       August E.          Sheridan           inducted      310                                       
Stephens        Guy E.             Roseville          France        312                                       
Stephens        W. R.              Roseville          inducted      310                                       
Stephens        William R.         Roseville          France        312                                       
Stephenson      Dilliam A.         Pleasant Grove     enlisted      307                                       
Steppe          George Richard     Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Stevens         James T.           Lincoln            inducted      310                                       
Stevens         Lloyd              Roseville          France        312                                       
Stewart         John Hart          Loomis             enlisted      307                                       
Stowers         E. A.              Roseville          inducted      310                                       
Strong          Henry A.                              inducted      310                                       
Suehead         W. I.              Colfax             inducted      310                                       
Sutcliffe       Harold Taylor      Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Swears          Joe P.                                inducted      310                                       
Sweat           F. H.              Roseville          inducted      310                                       
Swenson         E. L.              Loomis             inducted      310                                       
Sylvester       Harry Willis       Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Tabor           Faith, Miss        Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Tacmo           Engracio           Roseville          inducted      310                                       
Tarvis          Marion             Lincoln            inducted      310                                       
Tate            Hardy              Roseville          France        312                                       
Tate            Powell             Roseville          enlisted      307                                       
Taylor          Earl Gorman        Loomis             enlisted      307                                       
Taylor          Gorman             Loomis             France        311                                       
Termine         Joseph             Colfax             inducted      310                                       
Terry           Raleigh Weaver     Roseville          enlisted      307                                       
Threlkel        Walter                                inducted      310                                       
Thurston        Gordon             Auburn             France        311                                       
Tiita           John               Rocklin            France        312                                       
Tiitu           John G.            Rocklin            inducted      310                                       
Towers          Edwin              Newcastle          France        312                                       
Towers          Russell            Newcastle          France        312                                       
Townsend        Harry Lester       Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Townsend        Richard            Gold Run           inducted      310                                       
Trinca          Abram G.                              inducted      310                                       
Tropper         Frank Julius       Roseville          training camp 310                                       
Turner          Charles H.         Loomis             France        311                                       
Turner          Charles H.         Loomis             inducted      310                                       
Tuttle          Eugene             Rocklin            France        312                                       
Tuttle          Lester Eugene      Rocklin            enlisted      307                                       
Van Giesen      Charles E.         Clipper Gap        inducted      310                                       
Van Giesen      Ed                 Clipper Gap        France        311                                       
Van Giesen      M.                 Clipper Gap        France        311                                       
Van Giesen      Manuel F.          Clipper Gap        inducted      310                                       
Van Riper       Allen E.           Newcastle          training camp 310                                       
Van Riper       E.                 Newcastle          France        312                                       
Van Riper       Edwin              Newcastle          enlisted      307                                       
Vicencio        E.                 Ophir              France        312                                       
Vicencio        Enrique            Ophir              inducted      310                                       
Vitas           Simeon P.          Ophir              inducted      310                                       
Waddell         J. C.              Rocklin            inducted      310                                       
Waddell         James C.           Rocklin            France        312                                       
Wagner          C. N.              Roseville          inducted      310                                       
Wales           Fred               Loomis             France        311                                       
Walsh           Jack               Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Walsh           Sheldon            Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Walters         Edwin Raymond      Auburn             inducted      310                                       
Walters         G. A.              Auburn             inducted      310                                       
Walters         Harry O.           Auburn             France        311                                       
Wamsley         W. P.              Roseville          inducted      310                                       
Waterman        Nelson Conway      Van Trent          enlisted      307                                       
Waters          Edward J.          Roseville          Honor Roll    313 U.S. Army                             
Waters          Edward J.          Roseville          casualty      313 died while serving in the armed forces
Watkins         A. Z.              Newcastle          inducted      310                                       
Watkins         Arthur Z.          Auburn             France        311                                       
Watson          G. W.              Clipper Gap        inducted      310                                       
Watts           L. J., Corp.       Colfax             France        311                                       
Way             John E.            Lincoln            inducted      310                                       
Weatherby       C.                 Emigrant Gap       inducted      310                                       
Webster         George Madison     Lincoln            enlisted      307                                       
Weeks           Carl               Auburn             France        311                                       
Wehe            Charles Irwin      Lincoln            enlisted      307                                       
Wehee           Charles            Lincoln            France        311                                       
Welch           Reuben Harrington  East Auburn        enlisted      307                                       
Weldon          George I.          Roseville          inducted      310                                       
Wennewitz       Frank Edw.         Forest Hill        enlisted      307                                       
Werner          Fred W.            Newcastle          inducted      310                                       
Wertheimer      Leo Randall        Sheridan           enlisted      307                                       
West            Bert               Forest Hill Divide France        311                                       
West            Bert               Forest Hill        casualty      313 wounded                               
West            C. R.              Auburn             inducted      310                                       
White           Johnny             Auburn             France        311                                       
White           Wilbur W.          Auburn             France        311                                       
Whitney         Allan G.           Auburn             France        311                                       
Wilcox          Levi James         Colfax             inducted      310                                       
Wilhelm         Clarence           Auburn             Honor Roll    313 U.S. Army                             
Wilhelm         Clarence           Auburn             casualty      313 died of pneumonia                     
Wilhelm         Clarence           Auburn             inducted      310                                       
Willard         Alfred Hinkley     Rocklin            enlisted      307                                       
Williams        Charles L.         Lincoln            inducted      310                                       
Williams        George             Lincoln            enlisted      307                                       
Williams        Henry              Lincoln            enlisted      307                                       
Williams        Henry G.           Colfax             France        311                                       
Williams        Mendel             Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Williams        W. L.              Forest Hill        inducted      310                                       
Willits         James S.           Auburn             inducted      310                                       
Wilson          Irvin Sprague      Newcastle          enlisted      307                                       
Wilson          Leo Hall           Newcastle          enlisted      307                                       
Winton          Malcom Laird       Loomis             enlisted      307                                       
Wise            Robert             Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Wolf            Karl D.                               inducted      310                                       
Woods           Elmer              Loomis             France        311                                       
Woodward        George A.          Roseville          France        312                                       
Young           Charles Henry      Auburn             enlisted      307                                       
Young           Henry              Auburn             France        311                                       
Yue             Lloyd              Auburn             France        311                                       

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