Name Year Date Description Category
I.O. Redmen, 1874 24-Jan John B. Uren, in memoriam, I.O. of Redmen, Dutch Flat, p. 3:3 Death
Illinoistown 1855 7-Apr Mailbag missing from Illinoistown. p.2:1 News
Illinoistown 1856 19-Jul Found by John Anderson, on Illinoistown Rd., stolen horses, p.3:3 News
Illinoistown 1866 14-Jul Haney, Daniel, daughter, Illinoistown, p:3:2 Birth
Illinoistown 1866 14-Jul Wallace, W. H., son, Illinoistown, p:3:2 Birth
Illinoistown 1866 1-Dec Rice, Elenor Jane, Illinoistown, p.3:1 Death
Illinoistown 1866 29-Dec Marshell, James E., & Willey Ann Brickwell, Illinoistown, p.2:3 Marriage
Illinoistown 1862 22-Nov CPRR Co., making survey from Sacramento to Auburn to connect with line from Illinoistown to Dutch Flat. p.2:1 News
Illinoistown Rd. 1862 2-Aug Peoples Saw Mill-Starbuck, Miller & Co., above Auburn on Illinoistown Rd. opens, p.2:6 Business
Illinoistown Rd. 1864 23-Jul Peoples sawmill, new, 10 miles above Auburn on Illinoistown Rd., p.3:1 Business
Illinoistown Rd. 1865 16-Dec Ad: Hart & Brown purchased Wychoff's patent boring machine, will furnish at reasonable rates, New England Mill, Illinoistown Rd., Placer Co. p.2:6 Business
Illinoistown Road 1853 15-Oct May & Miller on Illinoistown Rd. saw-mill consumed by fire pg 2:1 News
Illinoistown Stream 1855 10-Nov Dissolve co-partnership, E.J. Brickell, Charles Rice, & Levi Johnson, Illinoistown Steam sawmill, p.2:6 Legal
Illinoistown, Placer Co. 1865 18-Apr Kate Isabel Brickell, age 42 yrs., Illinoistown, Placer Co., native of Boston, MA., p.2:5 Death
Ilsley, John 1865 16-Dec John Ilsley, 28 yrs. Foresthill Death
Imgartue, Charles 1867 26-Jan Imgartue, Charles, 38 yrs.,New Cisco, native of Germany, p.2:4 Death
Imiz, W.W. 1887 17-Sep W.W. Imiz, son, near Auburn, p. 5:6 Birth
Immer, August 1876 24-Jun August Immer & Mary Ann Sailing, Lincoln, p. 3:3 Marriage
Immigrants arriving 1884 20-Dec Immigrants are arriving in this state at the rate of from 1000 to 1500 per week, and a fair per cent of the number are looking to the northern counties for lands & future homes., p. 4:1 News
Imperial Mining & Flume Co. 1883 8-Dec Sheriff's sale in favor of A.L. Day and against Imperial Mining & Flume Co., p 4:4 Legal
Inbre, William 1873 8-Mar William Inbre & Esther L. Philips, Lincoln, p. 3:3 Marriage
Incendiary attempt 1868 12-Sep Incendiary attempt Thurs. night to destroy Auburn by fire. Combustible material placed on a roof in Chinatown and set on fire. This is the 6th attempt in 3 months., p. 3:1 News
Independence Ball 1869 5-Jun Grand Ball: By Stephen D. Burdge, Independence Ball, July 2, 1869, Lincoln, p. 2:5 News
Indian Canyon 1863 8-Aug Union Quartz mill boarding house at Iowa Hill & bridge at Indian Canyon destroyed by fire, p.2:6 News
Indian Fandango 1862 9-Aug "Marched through town", p. 2:2 News
Indian George 1870 5-Feb Indian George, Lovell's ranch, p. 3:1 Death
Indian reservation 1854 14-Oct Indian reservation, 10,000 acres, set aside 30 miles w. of Sacramento River, p. 2:1 News
Indian row w/ Portugese 1874 11-Jul Badly hurt Indians. Indians got in row with Portugese. One son of Captain Tom, p. 3:3 News
Indians 1859 16-Apr A new plan has been adopted for dealing with Indians for their many depredations, hunting Indians $ for each scalp, p. 1:4 News
Indians Celebrating Christmas 1875 2-Jan Indians celebrating Christmas, Auburn, Colfax & other areas went to Sacramento, p. 3:3 News
Inery, Richard 1875 11-Sep Richard Inery, 55 yrs., Co., hospital, native of Ireland, p. 3:2 Death
Infant son 1868 10-Oct Infant son of H.J. & Mattie Crumpton, 16 months, Beloit, WS., p. 2:5 Death
Ingersoll, Darius 1885 7-Mar Darius Ingersoll, daughter, Colfax, p. 5:4 Birth
Ingersoll, J. 1874 8-Aug W.H. Turner & J. Ingersoll, sheriff's sale, p. 2:4 Legal
Ingersoll, J. 1874 15-Aug W.W. Turner & J. Ingersoll, sheriff's sale, p. 3:4 Legal
Ingersoll, J.P. 1869 10-Jul J.P. Ingersoll & Miss Mary Zegler, Iowa Hill, p. 2:5 Marriage
Inglee, Luly Maud 1873 1-Feb Luly Maud Inglee, p.3:4 Death
Ingols, Amelia D. 1886 27-Nov Rev. Mr. McKenzie & Amelia D. Ingols, near Roseville, p. 5:4 Marriage
Ingols, Edward F. 1866 14 Apr. Edward F. Ingols & Ann Eliza Neff, Auburn, CA p. 2:6 Marriage
Ingram 1854 25-Feb Dissolution of Co-Partnership in Michigan City of Larkin & Ingram Legal
Ingram, Fred 1881 6-Aug Fred Ingram & Etta McMartin, Sacramento, p. 5:4 Marriage
Ingram, W. 1853 8-Oct Constables Sale for F. Larkin & W. Ingram against George W. Cupps pg 4:1 Legal
Intemperance 1857 18-Apr Law passed in legislature to give no latitude to those with venereal disease produced by intemperance. Shall not be supported at public expense, p.2:3 News
International 1853 1-Jan International bowling saloon, Main St., p. 1:1 Business
IOOF 1878 30-Mar IOOF, grand anniversary ball, music by C.P.C. orchestra from Sacramento, p. 4:4 News
IOOF installation 1874 17-Jan IOOF, installation & dance, p. 3:1 News
Iowa Hill 1854 3-Feb Reservoir broke, Iowa Hill, Mrs.Colby/child, John Boswich, died, Mr. Colby lived. p.2:2 News
Iowa Hill 1854 28-Oct Ad, Creamer's Hotel, Iowa Hill, p.3:2 Business
Iowa Hill 1854 25-Mar Iowa Hill attracting miners, 1/8 interest in claim last week sold for $12000, p 2:1 News
Iowa Hill 1855 10-Feb Attack on men at Iowa Hill, hanging, p.2:1 News
Iowa Hill 1855 10-Feb Rich gold claim, Wisconsin Tunnel, Iowa Hill, p.2:2 NewsE.
Iowa Hill 1856 16-Feb Boiler for sale, Iowa Hill, p.2:6 Business
Iowa Hill 1856 17-May Mining information, Iowa Hill, p.1:4 News
Iowa Hill 1856 19-Jul Chilean murdered at Elizabethtown, Placer Co. Inquest held in Wisconsin Hill. Item from Iowa Hill News., p.3:2 News
Iowa Hill 1856 10-May Creamers Hotel caught fire, Iowa Hill
Iowa Hill 1862 15-Feb Wheeler, M., daughter, Iowa Hill, p.3:1 Birth
Iowa Hill 1862 8-Mar Gleeson, James, son, Iowa Hill, p.2:6 Birth
Iowa Hill 1862 29-Mar Iowa Hill, great fire, p.2:4 News
Iowa Hill 1862 31-May Hotel D'Orleans, opens in Iowa Hill, Louis Isermann, prop., p.2:4&6 Business
Iowa Hill 1862 13-Dec Hotel D'Orleans, Iowa Hill. Louis Snitzer, prop., p.2:4&6 Business
Iowa Hill 1863 25-Jul Hotel D'Orleans, Iowa Hill, leased by Louis Iserman from Lois Snitzer Business
Iowa Hill 1863 8-Aug Union Quartz mill boarding house at Iowa Hill & bridge at Indian Canyon destroyed by fire, p.2:6 News
Iowa Hill 1864 13-Aug Partnership sale, Wilcoxen, King, Blanchard. Property in Iowa Hill, Wisconsin Hill, Shirt tail Canyon, p.3:1 Business
Iowa Hill 1865 9-Sep Notice to creditors, claims against the estate of: Joseph Greenbower, Iowa Hill, within 10 months from date published., p.2:6 News
Iowa Hill 1866 20-Jan Constable sale: judgement for Morris Rosenberg against Valentine Scherremann. Lot & bldg., to be sold at auction in front of Wells, Fargo, in Iowa Hill, p.2:6 Law
Iowa Hill 1866 30-Jun Bowley, Marcus G., 24 yrs, Iowa Hill, p: 2:6 Death
Iowa Hill 1866 11-Aug Notice: Estate of Marcus G. Bowley. All creators & person having claims against this estate present authenticated claims to R. T. Bowley, Iowa Hill, within 10 mos., from date of publication or be forever barred., p:2:6 Legal
Iowa Hill 1866 11-Aug Notice: Estate of William S. Deadman. Those having claims against estate present same to Henry W. Starr at Lincoln, Placer Co. with 4 mos., from date of publication or be forever barred. Iowa Hill, 8-4-1866 Legal
Iowa Hill 1866 27-Oct Kilgo, Catherine Elizabeth, 5 mos., Iowa Hill, p:2:5 Death
Iowa Hill 1867 9-Feb Butler, John, son, 1 day, Iowa Hill, p.2:5 Death
Iowa Hill 1867 23-Feb Leonard, John, 7 yrs., 5 mos., Iowa Hill, p.3:1 Death
Iowa Hill 1867 23-Feb Smith, Michael, daughter, Iowa Hill, p.3:1 Birth
Iowa Hill 1867 16-Mar Dods, James, daughter, Iowa Hill, p.2:6 Birth
Iowa Hill 1867 20-Apr Ready, Louis R., daughter, Iowa Hill, p. 3:1 Birth
Iowa Hill 1869 9-Feb Butler, John, son, Iowa Hill, p. 2:4 Birth
Iowa Hill 1869 20-Mar Summons: Ah Hing & Co. alias Hy Sing & Co. composed Hy Sing, Ah Hing, et al. You are to appear before JOP in Iowa Hill within 10 days, to answer complaint of William Weisler to recover $100 + int., p. 2:5 Legal
Iowa Hill 1869 3-Apr Summons: R. Rosenberg, plaintiff. W.O. B.Swinn, defendant to appear before P. Stone, JOP office in Iowa Hill. To recover the sum of $69 on book account., p. 2:5 Legal
Iowa Hill 1869 10-Apr Summons: E. Nattoon, plaintiff, W.O. B. Gwinn, defendant to appear in Iowa Hill office of P. Stone, JOP with 3 days., p. 2:4 Legal
Iowa Hill 1868 25-Apr Constable's sale: Order of R.C. Poland, JP, Twp. #3, 2-28-1868 against the real estate in the town of Iowa Hill, Twp. #7, Placer Co. In the amount of $5.33 + $23.05 cost of suit & taxes for 1867. Levied & seized for sale 4-11-1868 in Iowa Hill., Charles HIggins, #2., p. 2:5 Legal
Iowa Hill 1868 23-May Constable's sale: People vs. O.H. Richardson in favor of the state. Lot of land & dwelling on N. side of Main St. Iowa Hill Twp. 7 Sum of $5.33 + $72.40 costs of suit. Public sale in front of house Mon. 15th of June., p.2:5 Legal
Iowa Hill 1868 15-Aug John E. Warner & Elizabeth Bisbee, Iowa Hill, p. 2:4 Marriage
Iowa Hill 11-10 1868 3-Oct Notice: Dist. #3, Placer Co., Tax roll that auditor will be at the following: Last Chance 10-24, Deadwood 10-26, Bath 10-28, Foresthill 10-30, Michigan Bluff 11-2, Todd Valley 11-5&6, Yankee Jims 11-7, Iowa Hill 11-10,Wisconsin Hill 11-12, Damascus 11-14-1868, p. 2:5 News
Iowa Hill Bridge & Road Co. 1856 23-Aug Stocks for sale in Mineral Bar, Iowa Hill Bridge & Road Co. George Johnston Business
Iowa Hill to Gold Run 1868 8-Feb Notice: For license to keep toll bridge & trail leading from Iowa Hill to Gold Run & Colfax on N. Fork, American River, p. 2:4 News
Ireland, Lila 1884 12-Jul John B. Freeman & Lila Ireland, Sacramento, p. 5:4 Marriage
Ireland, Minnie 1887 5-Feb Henry Phillips & Minnie Ireland, Roseville, p. 5:4 Marriage
Irish, S.L. 1866 15-Dec Irish, S.L. son, Wisconsin Hill, p.2:5 Birth
Irons, Lisabel 1887 28-May William Robinson & Lisabel Irons, Auburn, p. 5:5 Marriage
Irving, E.R. 1869 10-Jul Constable's sale: issued by R.C. Poland, JOP, favor of E.R. Irving against Minna Rica Mining Co., composed of J.W Slosson, B.S. Brooks, W.T. Prince, Emilia Slosson. Amt. Of $131 + $48 & int. Aug. 4th at 2 p.m. sale at courthouse, town of Auburn, p. 2:6 Legal
Irving, Mrs. 1864 6-Aug Orleans Hotel opened, Mrs. Irving, prop. Corner of Main & Court St.'s., Auburn, p.2:1&6 Business
Irwin, David 1887 5-Mar David Irwin, 60 yrs., Auburn Station, native of OH., p. 5:5 Death
Isaacs, Ellen Rachael 1870 17-Dec Ellen Rachael, wife of Wm. Isaacs on Dec 12, age 43 yrs, p. 2:3 Death
Isaacson, Minnie 1885 11-May William Jacobean & Minnie Isaacson, Sacramento, p. 5:5 Marriage
Isabella, Herbert 1867 24-Aug Herbert, Isabella, age 33 yrs., Foresthill, native of Canada, p.2:6 Death
Iseman, Louis 1854 1-Jul Constable's Sale for Joseph Genoli against Louis Iseman, p 3:3 Legal
Iserman, George L. 1868 25-Jan George L. Iserman, age 47 yrs., Iowa Hill, native of Lundneburg, Hanover, Germany, p. 2:5 Death
Iserman, Harriett 1883 3-Nov Sheriff's sale in favor of John Kelley and against Harriett Iserman & Fredrick I. Adge, p 4:3 Legal
Iserman, Louis 1863 25-Jul Hotel D'Orleans, Iowa Hill, leased by Louis Iserman from Lois Snitzer Business
Isermann, Louis 1862 31-May Hotel D'Orleans, opens in Iowa Hill, Louis Isermann, prop., p.2:4&6 Business
Issac, William, J.P. 1871 11-Feb J. P. William Issac & A. Hopkins, Antelope Ravine, p.2:4 Marriage
Isthmus of Panama 1853 24-Sep Steamship companies advanced means to improve roads, pg 2:2 News
Iverson, James 1884 12-Jul James Iverson, son, Blue Canyon, p. 5:4 Birth
Iverson, Jens 1886 14-Aug Jens Iverson, son, Blue Canyon, p. 5:5 Birth
Ivey, James 1883 25-Aug James Ivey, killed by a train in Cisco while sleeping on the track, 37 yrs., Co., hospital, native of Wales, p. 5:4 Death