Name Year Date Description Category
J. Abram 1873 22-Apr J. Abram, R.F. Eagle brand corset, sale agent, p. 1:3 Business
J.H. Maring 1873 28-Jun Seized for taxes, home of J.H. Maring, Bald Hill, p. 2:4 News
J.P. Ah, Tom 1868 8-Aug J.P. Ah Tom & Chow Que, Auburn, p. 3:1 Marriage
J.W. Phillips 1864 25-Jun Age unknown, Auburn, p. 2:2 Death
Jacinth, L.A. 1872 20-Jul Rev. G.D. Pinnea & L.A. Jacinth, San Francisco, p. 3:3 Marriage
Jack, 3 fingered 1853 24-Sep Joaguins head & 3 fingered Jack's hand displayed at National Hotel, p 2:2 News
Jacka, Thomas 1885 25-May Thomas Jacka & Sophie Kuhlman, Iowa Hill, p. 5:5 Marriage
Jacker, Frank 1860 1-Dec Frank Jacker, Auburn, native of Virginiatown, p. 3:1 Death
Jackson 1853 23-Apr Chesterfield Jackson & Caroline Roussin, Auburn, p. 2:5 Marriage
Jackson 1853 5-Feb Controversy about post office in Ophir, p. 2:2 News
Jackson, Alonzo W. 1853 5-Nov Dissolution of Partnership of Daty Allen, Alonzo W. Jackson & Leonard W. Ferris & Co.or Eagle Mill Co. pg 3:5 Legal
Jackson, Dr. George H. 1868 20-Jun Dr. George H. Jackson, daughter, Gold Run, p. 2:4 Birth
Jackson, E.J. 1871 30-Dec E.J. Jackson, age 41, Co. Hospital, native of Yreka, CA., p. 3:2 Death
Jackson, Elias 1866 22-Sep Insolvent Notice: Petition of Elias Jackson. Hon. H. Fellows, Judge of Co.court gives notice to all creditors to appear before him Oct. 22 at 10:00 a.m. to show cause why insolvency should not be granted & debts discharged. D.W. Spear, clerk., p:2:6 Legal
Jackson, Frank B. 1886 1-May Frank B. Jackson & Nannetta M. eldest daughter of Mr. & Mrs. John Gassner, Auburn, p. 5:4 Marriage
Jackson, J. 1868 16-May Sheriffs sale: District court order, in favor of J. Jackson against John P. Lyman for sum of $251+costs. June 13th a public sale to highest bidder at courthouse, Auburn, CA p. 2:5 Legal
Jackson, J.Q. 1856 22-Mar Notice re: RR, Auburn, Roussin, Jackson, Hubbard, McDaniel, House p.2:5 News
Jackson, Jno Q. 1861 23-Nov Wells Fargo & Co., agent Jno Q. Jackson resigns, Hall & Allen bankers purchase building & continue service. p.2:1 & p.3:2 Business
Jackson, Sarah A. 1868 8-Aug Silas D. Warren & Sarah A Jackson, Dutch Flat, p. 2:4 Marriage
Jacobean, William 1885 11-May William Jacobean & Minnie Isaacson, Sacramento, p. 5:5 Marriage
Jacobs, J.M. 1875 22-May J.M. Jacobs, son, Auburn, p. 3:3 Birth
Jacobs, J.M. 1879 17-May J.M. Jacobs, son, Auburn, p. 5:6 Birth
Jacobs, James M. 1872 30-Nov James M. Jacobs & Ella McCormick, Michigan Bluff p. 3:3 Marriage
Jacobs, L. 1887 24-Sep L. Jacobs, daughter, Dutch Flat, p. 5:1 Birth
Jacobs, S. 1870 5-Nov Sheriff's Sale, Court of R.C. Poland in favor of S. Jacobs against A.O. Bell, P. 2:5 Legal
Jacobs, S. 1873 15-Feb Summons for S. Jacobs to answer complaint of Elias H. Jones, p. 4:5 Legal
Jacobs, W. 1859 12-Mar H. Gellespy, W. Jacobs, & A. Davidson, dissolution of Co-partnership, Gellespy & Co, clothing business., p. 3:1 Business
Jacobs, William 1883 15-Sep Marriage of William Jacobs and Ocasia in Elk Grove, p 5:4 Marriage
Jacobson, Catherine M. 1881 25-Jun Peter Rasmusser & Catherine M. Jacobson, Auburn, p. 5:5 Marriage
Jacobson, J.M. 1869 17-Jul Article: Mr. J.M. Jacobson, one of the most finished artists in the Co., informs us he will open a gallery in Auburn, p. 3:1 News
Jacobson, Jacob P. 1883 21-Jul Jacob P. Jacobson & Mary Geraldson, Ophir, p. 5:5 Marriage
Jacobson, Mr. 1869 7-Aug Article: Mr. Jacobson, photographic gallery is fitted out with sky light in the Hazel Drug Store. Mr. Jacobson things by Monday next he will be opened, p. 3:1 Business
Jacques, J.A. 1854 4-Mar Mortgage Sale by Eliza J. Weaver to J.A. Jacques, p 2:5 Legal
Jail Break 1860 6-Oct Jail break, p.2:2 News
Jail Break 1860 17-Oct Jail break, p.2:1 News
Jail Construction 1860 15-Dec Jail construction, p.2:4 News
Jake's in Auburn 1856 2-Aug Going out of business sale, Jake's in Auburn, Louis' in Gold Hill, L. Newman & Co. Business
James Walsh Bldg. 1868 6-Jun Fire, home of James Walsh. Bldg., was saved. One bldg. Consumed, arson. Ins., pd., $750, p. 3:1 News
James, Edith C. 1885 25-May George W. Smiley & Edith C. James, Iowa Hill, p. 5:5 Marriage
James, John 1884 3-May John James, age 43 yrs., Co. hospital, native of England, p. 5:3 Death
James, Peter 1880 24-Apr Peter James, killed @North Star Mine on April, 20th, being washed through a cut, p. 5:5 News
Jameson, Edward 1869 25-Sep Edward, son of Stephen & Anna Jameson, aged 4 yrs., Ophir, p. 2:5 Death
Jameson, Edward 1879 8-Mar Edward Jameson, dropped dead at Newcastle Station. Native of Placer Co, 40 yrs., p. 5:2 Death
Jameson, J.W. 1885 22-Aug J.W. Jameson & Louisa Barber, Alta, p. 5:4 Marriage
Jameson, J.W. 1886 27-Mar J.W. Jameson, son, Dutch Flat, p. 5:5 Birth
Jameson, James 1886 18-Dec James Jameson, 73 yrs., Dutch Flat, native of Scotland, p. 5:5 Death
Jameson, S. 1877 25-Aug P.T. Nougues, sheriff's sale in favor of S. Jameson executor of estate of B.B. Titcomb for sum of $1634.90., p. 4:4 Legal
Jameson, Stephen 1856 4-Oct Stephen Jameson, daughter, Ophir p. 2:6 Birth
Jameson, Stephen & Anna 1869 25-Sep Edward, son of Stephen & Anna Jameson, aged 4 yrs., Ophir, p. 2:5 Death
Jamieson, Harry 1881 29-Oct W.H. England-(Harry Jamieson) killed under a rail car at Pacific Coast Narrow Gauge RR., p. 5:1 News
Jamison 1861 9-Nov Jamison, Thomas, furniture & cabinet store opening on Auburn Ravine, near tollhouse, p.3:5 Business
Jamison, Adolphuys 1879 20-Dec Adolphuys Jamison & Annie M. Vitis, Ukiah, p. 5:4 Marriage
Jamison, Annie 1875 17-Apr Placer Co. students attend State Normal School. Mamie Brown, Kate Cezzens, Minnie Eicke, Clara Guilford, Ida Hohn, Blanche Hoskins, Annie Jamison, Louise Nickell, Mattie Nixon, George Simpson, Mattie Sims, Ida Williams, Mary Wixon, Tillie Fuller, & Gussie Mertes, p. 3:2 News
Jamison, Coronew 1870 30-Jul Article: Suicide on Thurs. morning. Frenchman named Thiebeau committed suicide by blowing his brains out. He was living with Joseph Demarne on Spanish Ravine. Coroner Jamison held an inquest., p. 3:1 News
Jamison, Eliza F. 1883 29-Dec Marriage of Thomas L. Herbert to Eliza F. Jamison on Dec 24 at brides parents by Rev. T.B. Hopkins, p 5:4 Marriage
Jamison, James 1872 19-Oct Charles Henry Mellor to Louisa Powers, Gold Run, by James Jamison, p. 3:3 Marriage
Jamison, James 1876 11-Nov Sheriff's Sale in favor of William & Phillip Nicholls against James Jamison, John L. Brinkman, Flora D. Kidder. P 4:5 Legal
Jamison, Marie Antoinette 1874 12-Dec Marie Antoinette Jamison, age 58, San Francisco, native of Auburn, p. 3:4 Death
Jamison, Phoebe 1876 16-Dec Death of Pheobe Jamison on Dec 10 age 54 yrs, 7 mo, 8 days, p 5:3 Death
Jamison, S. 1877 17-Nov P. T. Nougues, sheriff's sale in favor of S. Jamison in sum of $1634.90., p. 4:6 Legal
Jamison, Stephan 1866 16-Jun Constable sale: in favor or Oliver Linn vs. Wilson Copper Mine Co. for $96.75 +10% int. property seized & exposed to public sale, Stephan Jamison, constable, p:2:6 Law
Jamison, Stephen 1854 25-Feb Stephen Jamison married Anna Smith in San Francisco, by Rev T. Dwight Huat, p 3:2 Marriage
Jamison, Stephen 1860 14-Jan Stephen Jamison, daughter, Ophirville, p. 2:6 Birth
Jamison, Stephen T. 1884 26-Apr Stephen T. Jamison & Nelle F. Goodfellow, San Francisco, p. 5:4 Marriage
Jamison, Thomas 1860 18-Feb Auburn Lumber yard, I. B. Leach & Thomas Jamison, shingles, shakes, doors, sash, etc., p.2:3&5 Business
Jamison, Thomas 1865 2-Sep Ad, Thomas Jamison, co. coroner & general undertaker, ready made coffins always on hand., p.3:4 Business
Jamison, Thomas 1868 30-May News article: House fire. Residence of Thomas Jamison. Fire discovered by 5 yr., old grandson., p.3:1 News
Jamison, Thomas 1870 23-Apr Probate notice: Estate of John Whitledge, Thomas Jamison, administrator. Creditors are to exhibit vouchers within 10 months to his office, p. 2:4 Legal
Jamison, Thomas 1870 23-Apr Probate notice: Notice to creditors, estate of David White. Thomas Jamison, administrator. Creditors are to exhibit vouchers within 10 months to his office, p. 2:4 Legal
Jamison, Thomas 1870 18-Jun Notice to creditors: estate of Henry R. Davis, deceased. Notice is given to creditors & person having claims against estate to get them to Thomas Jamison within 10 months of this notice, p. 2:5 Legal
Jamison, Thomas 1870 2-Jul Administrators sale: By virtue of order of probate court re: the estate of John Whitlege, deceased, Thomas Jamison administrator will sell at public auction at the Essex Saloon in the town of Gold Run, Mon. Aug. 1, 1870 all certain real estate & mining claims owned by said deceased, p. 2:6 Legal
Jamison, Thomas 1870 9-Jul Probate notice: Estate of Solomon Cushman, deceased. Notice is given by Thomas Jamison, Public Adm. Persons having claims to estate have 10 months from this publication to exhibit vouchers, p. 3:6 Legal
Jamison, Thomas 1870 16-Jul Probate notice: Estate of Henry R. Davis. Petition filed by Thomas Jamison, Public Administrator of estate of Henry R. Davis, asking for order to sell real estate to pay debts., p. 2:6 Legal
Jamison, Thomas 1870 6-Aug Probate notice: Deceased: James Vickers. Thomas Jamison, Pub. Administrator of Placer Co. Notice to all persons having claims against deceased estate. Exhibit all vouchers with 10 months. The office of Jamison in Auburn, Aug. 6, 1870, Placer Herald, p. 2:5 Legal
Jamison, Thomas 1870 13-Aug Probate notice to creditors, Thomas Jamison, Public Adm. Estate of James Vickers, p. 4:4 Legal
Jamison, Thomas 1876 8-Jan V.V. Mann, purchase of furniture store from Thomas Jamison, p. 1:3 Business
Jamison, Thomas 1879 3-May Thomas Jamison, 65 yrs., Auburn, native of PA., p. 5:5 Death
Jamison, William 1874 21-Mar William Jamison, age 30, San Francisco, native of PA., p.3:2 Death
Jane, Helen 1860 8-Sep Helen Jane, aged 7 yrs., Miners Ravine, p. 2:6 Death
Jangborn, Martha 1875 9-Oct T.C. Warwick & Martha Jangborn, Roseville, p. 3:4 Marriage
Jankee Jim's 1856 2-Feb Odd Fellows dedication ball, Yankee Jim's p.3:2 News
Jankee Jim's 1856 9-Feb Robbery, Yankee Jims, p.2:5 News
Janse, Newton 1869 16-Jan Newton Janse, son of Matthew & Emma, age 8 yrs., Last Chance, p. 2:4 Death
Jansen, Frederick 1882 7-Jan Frederick Jansen, 55 yrs., Co., hospital, native of Germany, p. 5:5 Death
Jansen, Mary 1864 24-Dec Mrs. Mary Jansen, p.2:5 Death
Janson 1860 21-Jul Mr. Janson, son, Last Chance, p. 3:1 Birth
Janson 1882 14-Jan Taylor & Janson, released after being arrested on suspicion of murder on Dec. 27, 1881, p. 5:1 News
Janson, J.A. 1872 5-Oct J. A. Janson, son, Indiana Hill, p. 3:3 Birth
Japanese Wealth 1886 24-Jul A Japanese with an income of $1,000 a year is considered a wealthy man, and a farmer who has $100 laid by is ranked among the capilalists of his district. In all the empire, out of a population of 37,000,000 there are less than 10,000 paupers, p. 7:4 News
Jaques, John A. 1884 26-Jul John A. Jaques, age 83 yrs., near Colfax, native of NY city., p. 5:4 Death
Jarey, J. 1885 16-May J. Jarey, daughter, Penryn, p. 5:5 Birth
Jarrett, M.A. 1885 27-Apr M.A. Jarrett, daughter, Weimar, p. 5:5 Birth
Jarvis, L. 1883 20-Oct To L. Jarvis & wife, a daughter on Oct 9 in Lincoln, p 5:5 Birth
Jarvis, Luther 1881 26-Nov Luther Jarvis & Zerilda Turner, Auburn, p. 5:3 Marriage
Jasinthe, Felimena 1885 25-Jul Fredrick Armes & Felimena Jasinthe, Catholic Church, Auburn, p. 5:4 Marriage
Jasper, J.M.C. 1873 29-Nov Jasper's Ranch, Nov 19, J.M.C. Jasper, a daughter, p 3:3 Birth
Jeans, T.J. 1887 3-Dec T.J. Jeans & Augie Ahart, Lincoln, p. 5:5 Marriage
Jefferies, Dr. 1873 29-Mar Dr. Jefferies, son, Lincoln, p. 3:3 Birth
Jefferson, P.T. 1862 6-Dec P.T. Jefferson, p.2:6 Death
Jefferson, William 1877 8-Dec William Jefferson, 69 yrs., Co., hospital, native of England, p. 5:4 Death
Jeffries, B.F. 1873 10-May B.F. Jeffries, 6 weeks, Lincoln, p. 3:4 Death
Jeffries, Dr. B.F. 1872 6-Jul Dr. B. F. Jeffries & Nellie Flint, Lincoln, p. 3:3 Marriage
Jekelius, Charles 1866 10-Mar Charles Jekelius, 45 yrs., native of New Orleans, LA p. 2:3 Death
Jenkins, Catherine 1887 23-Apr Mrs. Catherine Jenkins, 43 yrs., Penryn, native of Wales, p. 5:6 Death
Jenkinson, Thomas 1862 4-Oct Thomas Jenkinson, Married Abby H. Jewett p.2:6 Marriage
Jennings House 1875 16-Jan Jennings house on Broad St. has been purchased by Mr. Norton, p. 3:1 News
Jensen, J.N. 1874 29-Aug J.N. Jensen, daughter, Indian Hill, p. 3:5 Birth
Jensen, Jesse 1886 20-Mar Jesse Jensen & Helene M. Moller, Bodum, Germany, p. 5:5 Marriage
Jensen, Norman 1885 4-Jul Norman Jensen, aged 6 yrs., near Auburn, p. 5:5 Death
Jeperee, Louis 1870 13-Aug Grey Eagle Bar, Louis Jeperee, Aug 5, p.2:6 Death
Jerdeau, Louis G. 1884 10-May Louis G. Jerdeau & Ida Maynard, Roseville, p. 5:4 Marriage
Jerguensen, N.C.M. 1886 1-May N.C.M. Jerguensen, 71 yrs., Co., hospital, native of Prussia, p. 5:5 Death
Jerrett, D.W. 1885 17-Oct D.W. Jerrett, 70 yrs., Co. hospital, native of VA., p. 5:4 Death
Jeske, August 1874 9-May August Jeske & Augusta Miller, Ophir, p. 3:4 Marriage
Jeskey, August & Augusta 1877 9-Jun Death of Clara Melaine, only daughter of August & Augusta Jeskey near ophir, age 6 mo, 1 day, p 4:2 Death
Jeskey, Clara Melaine 1877 9-Jun Death of Clara Melaine, only daughter of August & Augusta Jeskey near ophir, age 6 mo, 1 day, p 4:2 Death
Jesky, August 1880 26-Jun August Jesky, daughter, Humbug Flat, p. 5:4 Birth
Jesse, Prof. J.W. 1881 25-Jun Prof. J.W. Jesse & Mary E. Higgin, Sheridan, p. 5:5 Marriage
Jesse, Rev. J.S. 1883 8-Sep Charles Fauble to Laura Carns by Rev J.S. Jesse, Tues a week ago, at Miss Carns' uncles ranch, p 5:1 Marriage
Jessup, Austin 1870 23-Jul Austin Jessup, 60 yrs., Black Diamond, Contra Costa Co., native of PA., p. 3:2 Death
Jeter, T.H. 1887 5-Nov T.H. Jeter, 83 yrs., Lincoln, native of KY., p. 5:5 Death
Jewell, A.M. 1866 1-Sep Jewell, A. M., daughter, Canon Creek, Placer Co., p:3:2 Birth
Jewell, P.E. 1866 24-Mar H. Snyder & Mrs. P.E. Jewell, p.2:6 Marriage
Jewett, Abby H. 1862 4-Oct Thomas Jenkinson, Married Abby H. Jewett p.2:6 Marriage
Jewett, F. 1881 23-Apr John K. Davis & Eva Lewis, grandaughter of F. Jewett of Lincoln, Albany, OR, p.5:5 Marriage
Jewitt, M.J. 1875 20-Feb Private school, Miss M.J. Jewitt, p. 2:5 & p. 3:1 News
Jewitt, Millicent R. 1880 20-Mar Millicent R. Jewitt, 64 yrs., Lincoln, native of NH., p. 5:6 Death
Jewson, Mr. 1881 31-Dec Henry Smith, found dead in his cabin near Lincoln. His neck was broken. A William Taylor & a Mr. Jewson were arrested, p. 5:2 Death
Jim, Greek 1875 12-Jun Greek Jim & Aleck Penman, row about mining ground at Last Chance. Aleck Penman shot, p. 3:1 News
Joaguin 1853 24-Sep Joaguins head & 3 fingered Jack's hand displayed at National Hotel, p2:2 News
Jodoin, E.L. 1887 24-Sep E.L. Jodoin, son, Rocklin, p. 5:4 Birth
Jodoin, Eliber 1885 24-Jan Eliber Jodoin & Josaphene A. Crosby, Rocklin, p. 5:4 Marriage
John Bell Ranch 1868 14-Mar Constable's sale: Mon. 6 April, 1868, 2 p.m. John Bell ranch. Fifteen or more acres. Also mining claim, Auburn Ravine at Gold Hill. To satisfy judgment of $37 together with costs. Issued by James Moore, JP., p. 2:5 Legal
John P. Club 1856 12-Apr John P. Club meeting, 2nd Sat. of each month, p.2:6 News
John Stanton 1862 22-Nov Empire Livery stable bought by John Stanton, p.2:1 Business
John Zeigenbein & Co. 1872 6-Jul John Zeigenbein & Co., notice of company partnership, p. 2:5 Business
Johnson 1855 12-May Cubertson, Johnson H., p.2:4 Marriage
Johnson 1856 26-Jan Stock meeting, B.H.T. Co., p.3:3 News
Johnson 1857 18-Apr Chinatown, Messr's. McDaniel & Johnson have rented all their houses in upper Chinatown to a Chinese Co. They will do business on a large scale. Two houses will be converted into a theatre, p.2:3 News
Johnson 1862 22-Nov Nichols & Johnson, blacksmiths & wagonmakers open shop at Auburn Station, p.2:1 Business
Johnson & Co. 1871 15-Jul Johnson & Co., rich strike paying $6-$7 per lb., $12,000 a ton., p. 3:1 News
Johnson Hanging 1873 30-Dec Johnson hanging, p.2:1 News
Johnson, Ezra 1874 20-Jun Ezra Johnson & Emelina Sears, Pleasant Grove Creek, p. 3:4 Marriage
Johnson, A.B. 1860 16-Jun A.B. Johnson, probate notice, p. 3:6 Legal
Johnson, Adelphia 1873 7-Jun Adelphia Johnson, 66 yrs., Dutch Flat, native of VT., p. 3:4 Death
Johnson, Albert 1887 3-Dec Albert Johnson, daughter, Foresthill, p. 5:6 Birth
Johnson, Andrew 1870 18-Jun Constable's sale: By court execution by Justice's S.G. Lews, Rocklin on 6-13-1870 in favor of A.W. Sissoa against Andrew Johnson, amt. Of $208.48 + costs. Public sale Mon. 7-11-1870 at the Depot Saloon in Rocklin. House & lot to satisfy judgment + costs, p. 2:5 Legal
Johnson, Andrew 1884 10-May Andrew Johnson, son, Auburn, p. 5:4 Birth
Johnson, Andrew 1886 10-Apr Andrew Johnson, daughter, near Ophir, p. 5:6 Birth
Johnson, B.F. 1870 5-Mar H.A. Cox & B.F. Johnson got into a fight. Cox was stabbed 5 times and is not expected to live. Fight on Sat. Feb. 26, 1870, p. 3:1 News
Johnson, Bertha 1882 6-May Estate of Bertha Johnson, executors sale, p. 4:3 Legal
Johnson, Bradford 1885 24-Jan Bradford Johnson & Celia Nicola, Lincoln, p. 5:4 Marriage
Johnson, C.A. 1885 29-Aug Guy, son of C.A. & Helen Johnson, aged 4 yrs., near Newcastle, p. 5:6 Death
Johnson, Catherine 1887 30-Jul Katie W., youngest daughter of J.R. and Catherine Johnson, aged 19 yrs., Sacramento, p. 5:6 Death
Johnson, Chris 1865 18-Nov Chris Johnson & Caroline Howard, p.3:1 Marriage
Johnson, D.S. 1863 15-Aug D.S. Johnson married M.P. Dyas p. 2:5 Marriage
Johnson, Fred 1879 29-Mar Fred Johnson, son, Ophir, p. 5:4 Birth
Johnson, Fred 1881 30-Apr Fred Johnson, son, Ophir, p. 5:5 Birth
Johnson, Fred 1886 16-Oct Fred Johnson, son, near Ophir, p. 5:4 Birth
Johnson, Frederick 1878 16-Nov Frederick Johnson & Amelia Mundt, Ophir, p. 5:5 Marriage
Johnson, George 1877 31-Mar Birth of a daughter to George Johnson on Mar 21 at Liberty Hill, p 5:3 Birth
Johnson, Gov. 1856 22-Mar Notary public, Placer Co., Hillyer, E.W., appointed by Gov. Johnson p.2:4 News
Johnson, Guy 1885 29-Aug Guy, son of C.A. & Helen Johnson, aged 4 yrs., near Newcastle, p. 5:6 Death
Johnson, hanging 1854 30-Dec Hanging of Johnson in Iowa Hill, p.2:1 News
Johnson, Hannah 1872 2-Nov Hannah Johnson, age 60, Lincoln, p. 3:2 Marriage
Johnson, Harriet R. 1883 22-Dec Marriage of James B. Wetherbee to Harriet R. Johnson on Dec 13 at Foresthill by T.B. Hopkins, p 5:5 Marriage
Johnson, Helen 1885 29-Aug Guy, son of C.A. & Helen Johnson, aged 4 yrs., near Newcastle, p. 5:6 Death
Johnson, I. 1868 15-Feb I. Johnson & Fanny S. Haswell, Auburn, p. 2:4 Marriage
Johnson, J. 1887 5-Feb J. Johnson, daughter, near Lincoln, p. 5:4 Birth
Johnson, J.F. 1853 30-Jul Constable's Sale-George Hollis against J.F. Johnson, pg 2:5 Legal
Johnson, J.J. 1870 19-Mar J.J. Johnson, daughter, San Francisco, p. 2:5 Birth
Johnson, J.P. 1867 29-Jun Johnson, J.P., Cisco & E.J. Quinton, Colfax, p. 2:5 Marriage
Johnson, J.R. 1877 3-Nov J.A. Hatch & H.R. Johnson, Sacramento, p. 5:5 Marriage
Johnson, J.R. 1887 30-Jul Katie W., youngest daughter of J.R. and Catherine Johnson, aged 19 yrs., Sacramento, p. 5:6 Death
Johnson, J.W. 1881 18-Jun J.W. Johnson & Mary Campbell, Auburn, p. 5:5 Marriage
Johnson, J.W. 1887 24-Sep J.W. Johnson, son, Lincoln, p. 5:4 Birth
Johnson, James 1885 27-Apr James Johnson, 72 yrs., Newcastle, native of En gland, p. 5:5 Death
Johnson, Jennie B. 1881 28-May Alfred J. Stone & Jennie B. Johnson, Sacramento, p. 5:6 Marriage
Johnson, John 1875 20-Nov John Johnson, Bellevue Mine, p. 3:5 Death
Johnson, John J. 1869 5-Jun John J. Johnson & Harriet Brummagion, Auburn, p. 2:5 Marriage
Johnson, Josie 1877 26-May Marriage of Antone Silva to Josie Johnson on May 17 in Colfax by J. Kuenzley, J.P., P 5:5 Marriage
Johnson, Katie W. 1887 30-Jul Katie W., youngest daughter of J.R. and Catherine Johnson, aged 19 yrs., Sacramento, p. 5:6 Death
Johnson, Leonard 1868 10-Oct Leonard Johnson & Jane L. Woods, Cisco, p. 2:5 Marriage
Johnson, Levi 1872 23-Mar Levi Johnson & Catherine Campbell, Auburn, p. 3:2 Marriage
Johnson, Levi 1855 10-Nov Dissolve co-partnership, E.J. Brickell, Charles Rice, & Levi Johnson, Illinoistown Steam sawmill, p.2:6 Legal
Johnson, Levi Mrs. 1885 21-Mar Mrs. Levi Johnson, 52 yrs., Roseville, native or AR., p.5:3 Death
Johnson, Lucy 1880 9-Oct Richard Winsley & Lucy Johnson, Auburn, p. 5:5 Marriage
Johnson, Margaret A. 1886 3-Jul Mrs. Margaret A. Johnson, 66 yrs., Gold Run, p. 5:3 Death
Johnson, Mary 1883 9-Jun John Hubbard & Mary Johnson, Sheridan, p. 5:3 Marriage
Johnson, Mary E. 1887 12-Nov Mrs. Mary E. Johnson, 41 yrs., Dalles, OR., p. 5:5 Death
Johnson, Nellie 1887 15-Jan G.H. Riley & Nellie Johnson, Dutch Flat, p. 5:5 Marriage
Johnson, R.T. 1868 23-May R.T. Johnson & Mrs. A.R. Hall, Oleans Hotel, Auburn, p. 2:5 Marriage
Johnson, Rosaa 1885 18-May Benjamin Ashley & Rosa Johnson, Sacramento, p. 5:5 Marriage
Johnson, Sarah A. 1873 4-Jan Thomas J. Annereau & Sarah A. Johnson, Pleasant Grove Creek. p. 3:3 Marriage
Johnson, T.A. 1879 5-Apr T.A. Johnson, aged 21 yrs., member of Star of Hill Lodge in Foresthill, p.5:2 Death
Johnson, W.M. 1855 24-Feb Grand Jury report, execution of W.M.Johnson for murder, dismissed, not enough evidence. p.1:2 News
Johnson, William 1883 10-Feb William Johnson & Melvina Steiner, Auburn, p. 5:4 Marriage
Johnson, William 1884 16-Feb William Johnson, daughter, near Mt. Pleasant, p. 5:4 Birth
Johnson, William A. 1854 29-Apr William A. Johnson married Belle Johnston by James T. Johnston, Esq., p 3:2 Marriage
Johnson, William A. 1861 16-Mar William A. Johnson, son, p.3:1 Birth
Johnson, William A. 1872 16-Mar William A. Johnson, age 43, Yolo Co., native of Alabama, p. 1:2 Death
Johnson, William A.. 1859 30-Jul William A. Johnson, son/daughter?, p. 2:4 Birth
Johnston, Belle 1854 29-Apr William A. Johnson married Belle Johnston by James T. Johnston, Esq., p 3:2 Marriage
Johnston, C. Mrs. 1885 4-Jul Wife of C. Johnston, 53 yrs., Ophir, p. 5:5 Death
Johnston, C.R. 1886 14-Aug C.R. Johnston & Alice J. Kelly, Sacramento, p. 5:5 Marriage
Johnston, Elizabeth 1881 26-Feb Elizabeth Johnston, 57 yrs., Long Valley House, native of England, p. 5:4 Death
Johnston, James T., Esq. 1854 29-Apr William A. Johnson married Belle Johnston by James T. Johnston, Esq., p 3:2 Marriage
Johnston, John R. 1860 18-Aug John R. Johnston, 60 yrs., Auburn, p. 2:5 Death
Johnston, Nancie M. 1856 22-Mar Dr. Oliver F. Clark, p. 2:6 Marriage
Jolley, H.W. 1886 20-Nov H.W. Jolley & Emma G. Adams, Auburn, p.5:3 Marriage
Jolly, H.W. 1887 26-Nov H.W. Jolly, daughter, Sheridan, p. 5:5 Birth
Jones 1869 19-Jun Article: Co. Court dates: People vs. Betx & Elder, June 23, Jones, June 21, Thompson & Wainright, June 21, Murry, June 26, Albert Chase, June 25, D.W. Strong vs. George Meyers, June 28, C. Quino vs. William Davis, June 29, p. 3:1 Legal
Jones 1860 16-Jun Davidson & Jones store, p.2:1 News
Jones J.R. 1879 7-Jun J.R. Jones, son, Auburn, p. 5:4 Birth
Jones, Alonzo 1885 26-Sep Infant son of Alonzo & Ida Jones, aged 6 months, Colfax, p. 5:4 Death
Jones, Amelia M. 1883 15-Dec Marriage of Geo. Bond to Amelia M. Jones on Dec 12 in Roseville by Rev Stanley, p 5:4 Marriage
Jones, Clara E. 1870 17-Sep Dutch Flat, Fred M Sterling and Clara E. Jones on Sept. 8, by Rev. A.J. Scott, p.2:3 Marriage
Jones, Colby 1883 3-Mar Colby Jones, son of O.R. & Jane Jones, aged 7 months, Clipper Gap, p. 5:4 Death
Jones, David 1887 13-Aug David Jones & Mary L. Jordan, Clipper Gap, p. 5:5 Marriage
Jones, Dr. W.C. 1869 31-Jul Dr. W.C. Jones, son, Truckee, p. 2:5 Birth
Jones, Dr. W.C. 1871 6-May Dr. W. C. Jones, daughter, Foresthill, p.2:3 Birth
Jones, Dr., W.C. 1867 16-Feb Jones, Dr., W.C. & Annie Powers, Dutch Flat, p.3:1 Marriage
Jones, Elementina 1864 30-Apr Elementina Jones, p.3:1 Death
Jones, Elias H. 1873 15-Feb Summons for S. Jacobs to answer complaint of Elias H. Jones, p. 4:5 Legal
Jones, F.P. 1866 9-Jun F.P. Jones & Harriet Fitzgerald, p:3:2 Marriage
Jones, G.C. 1854 7-Jan Constables Sale in favor of G.C.Jones against John Echols p.2:3 Legal
Jones, George 1883 15-Sep Death of George Jones on Sept 7, in Sacramento, age 45 yrs, p 5:4 Death
Jones, George 1884 1-Mar George Jones, public auction on Mon. Mar. 17, 1884 at 11 a.m. in front of International Hotel, Iowa Hill, p. 4:3 Legal
Jones, George W. 1878 12-Jan George W. Jones, 45 yrs., Folsom, p. 5:4 Death
Jones, H.H. 1869 24-Jul H.H. Jones, son, Canon Creek, near Dutch Flat, p. 2:6 Birth
Jones, Henry 1866 3-Nov Jones, Henry & Mary Jane White, Auburn, p:2:5 Marriage
Jones, Henry 1876 2-Sep Henry Jones is selling finest kinds of fruit, p 5:1 News
Jones, Henry 1879 1-Mar Henry Jones, 50 yrs., Auburn, native of MO., p. 5:4 Death
Jones, Henry Mrs. 1874 9-May Mrs. Henry Jones, age 42, Auburn, p. 3:5 Death
Jones, Hugh 1867 6-Jul Insolvent Notice: Hon. H. Fellows, judge of co. court gives notice to all creditors of Hugh Jones to appear before him on 10 Aug. 1867 at 10 a.m. to show cause why insolvency should not be granted. D.W. Spear, Clerk, p.2:6 Legal
Jones, Hugh 1877 23-Jun Death of Hugh Jones on Jun 19 in Co. Hosp, age 30 yrs, p 5:4 Death
Jones, Ida 1885 26-Sep Infant son of Alonzo & Ida Jones, aged 6 months, Colfax, p. 5:4 Death
Jones, Isabella 1879 4-Jan Isabella Jones, 45 yrs., Iowa Hill, p. 5:4 Death
Jones, J.D. 1870 25-Jun Sheriff's sale: Issued by the court of Joseph Taylor, JOP, Placer Co., on the 15th of June on judgment rendered on 4-1870 in favor of B.D. & S.B. Burt against A. Breece, John L. Davis, Thomas D. Bowen, J.D. Jones & Franklin Degan & Henry K. Davis, deceased, members of the Rough Gold Co., $241.97. Mon. July 11, 1870 in town of Bath, the Rough Gold Co. Mill, p. 2:5 Legal
Jones, J.H. 1870 17-Dec Cornelin M., youngest daughter of Mrs J.H. Jones, on Dec 1, age 3 yrs, 9mo. In Rocklin, p. 2:3 Death
Jones, J.R. 1872 23-Nov J.R. Jones & Bertha Buse, Auburn, p. 3:3 Marriage
Jones, J.R. 1884 26-Jan J.R. Jones, daughter, Auburn, p. 5:4 Birth
Jones, J.T. 1884 2-Aug J.T. Jones, orchard, apple measured 15 inches I circumference & weighed 30 oz., p. 5:1 News
Jones, J.T. 1887 15-Oct J.T. Jones, daughter, Dutch Flat, p. 5:5 Birth
Jones, James 1868 28-Mar Co. Court, 3-18-1868. People vs. James Jones, verdict, guilty. 3-20 People vs. McCreal, guilty. 3-21 People vs. Ah Chung, guilty. 3-20 People vs. McCrea. 3-26 passing sentence J.N. Nance vs. Greely & Fulweiler. Judgment for plaintiff $294., p. 3:1 Legal
Jones, James T. 1880 28-Feb James T. Jones, son, Ophir, p. 5:4 Birth
Jones, John 1870 27-Aug Auburn, infant daughter of John Jones & wife, Aug 23, 15 days Death
Jones, John 1885 26-Sep John Jones, daughter, Dutch Flat, p. 5:4 Birth
Jones, John T. 1883 28-Jul John T. Jones & Martha A. Knott, Auburn, p. 5:5 Marriage
Jones, John T. 1884 5-Jul John T. Jones, son, Dutch Flat, p. 5:3 Birth
Jones, Johnny 1876 25-Mar Johnny Jones, 7 yrs., Clipper Gap, p. 5:4 Death
Jones, Mary R. 1872 17-Feb John A. Muir to Mary R. Jones by Rev. Geo Newton, p. 3:2 Marriage
Jones, Minnie H. 1882 18-Nov George S. Betterly & Minnie H. Jones, Auburn, p. 5:4 Marriage
Jones, Moses 1884 12-Jul Moses Jones, daughter, Penryn, p. 5:4 Birth
Jones, O.R. 1884 9-Aug O.R. Jones, birth, Hotaling, p. 5:4 Birth
Jones, O.R. & Jane 1883 3-Mar Colby Jones, son of O.R. & Jane Jones, aged 7 months, Clipper Gap, p. 5:4 Death
Jones, Owen 1886 8-May Owen Jones, 61 yrs., Auburn, native of Wales, p. 5:5 Death
Jones, Rev. S. 1877 6-Jan Marriage of E.C. Rhodes MD, to Frankie McKune on Dec 29, 1876 by Rev S. Jones, p 5:4 Marriage
Jones, Rev. S. 1877 16-Jun Marriage of Philo J. Fuller to Margaret Hoskins on Jun 3 in Colfax by Rev. Seneca Jones. P 5:4 Marriage
Jones, Robert 1876 11-Mar Robert Jones, daughter, Roseville, p. 3:3 Birth
Jones, Robert 1878 13-Apr Robert Jones, son, Roseville, p. 5:4 Birth
Jones, Robert 1887 2-Apr Robert Jones, daughter, Newcastle, p. 5:6 Birth
Jones, S.R. 1876 27-May S.R. Jones, son, Auburn, p. 5:3 Birth
Jones, T.R. 1881 8-Jan T.R. Jones & Ada Byrne, Roseville, p. 5:4 Marriage
Jones, Thomas 1860 5-May Henry Lubke, Thomas Jones, Samuel Mead, killed in mining accident at Iowa Hill, p. 2:2 News
Jones, Thomas 1876 20-May Thomas Jones, 41 yrs., Co., hospital, native of KY., p. 5:4 Death
Jones, Thomas Lincoln 1887 16-Apr Thomas Lincoln Jones & Katie Graffmiller, Placer Co., p. 5:6 Marriage
Jones, W.C. 1868 11-Jan W.C. Jones, son, Cisco, p.2:5 Birth
Jones, W.C. 1873 24-May Dr. W.C. Jones,a son, Truckee, p. 3:3 Birth
Jones, W.H. 1868 10-Oct W.H. Jones & Gussie M. Abeel, Gold Run, p. 2:5 Marriage
Jones, W.W. 1858 11-Dec W.W. Jones, 45 yrs., Auburn, native of NY., p. 2:6 Death
Jones, Walter C. 1886 20-Nov Walter C. Jones & Amelia Fahlo, Newcastle, p. 5:3 Marriage
Jones, William 1872 28-Dec William Jones, age 43 yrs., Auburn, native of Ireland, p. 3:3 Death
Jones, William 1874 26-Sep William Jones & Mary P. Martin, Butcher Ranch, p. 2:3 Marriage
Jones, William Sr. 1866 14-Jul Jones, William Sr., son, Carson Creek, Placer Co., p:3:2 Birth
Jones, Willis 1872 23-Mar Willis Jones, sheriff's sale, p. 2:5 Legal
Jones, Willis 1872 23-Nov S.R. Bradley, G.H. Pease, J.D. Wash, AH Jim & Co., Timothy Donelin, Willis Jones, Michael Dougherty, sheriff's sale, p.2:5 Legal
Jones, Willis 1881 9-Jul Willis Jones, M. Daugherty, Joe McGiffivery, J.S. Carmichael & Dardanelles Mining Co. Sheriff's sale in favor of Jo Hamilton in the am't. of $10,704.54, p. 4:5 Legal
Jones, Willis 1881 9-Jul Willis Jones, M. Dougherty, James Farrell, J.S. Carmichael, Dardennelles Cons. Gravel, Joseph M. Gillivray. Sheriff's sale in favor of Jo Hamilton in am't. of $24,347.98, p. 4:4 Legal
Jonihon, Caroline F. 1886 15-May Mrs. Caroline F. Jonihon, 57 yrs., Yankee Jims, native of France, p. 5:4 Death
Joninen, Eugenia 1883 5-May J.P. Alexander Greenwood & Eugenia Joninen, Foresthill, p. 5:6 Marriage
Joninon, Isabella 1887 5-Feb George McDougal Duncan & Isabella Joninon, Duncan's Hotel, at Yankee Jims, p. 5:4 Marriage
Joninon, L. 1881 28-May L. Joninon, daughter, Iowa Hill, p. 5:6 Birth
Joninon, Louis 1883 25-Aug Louis Joninon, daughter, Auburn, p. 5:4 Birth
Joninon, Louis 1885 16-Aug Louis Joninon, daughter, Auburn, p. 5:4 Birth
Jonion, Lunijc 1869 3-Jul News article: Alfred Raris, Robin Mayori, Lunijc Jonion, Peter Dolee, an LaCroix were arrested for grand larceny. The offense, stealing 100 cords of wood from CPRR at Cape Horn above Colfax., p. 3:1 News
Jordan, Charles Mrs. 1884 19-Apr Mrs. Charles Jordan, Gold Hill, p. 5:3 Death
Jordan, Elnor J. 1873 18-Jan Charles H. Hicks & Elnor J. Jordan, Clipper Gap, p. 3:2 Marriage
Jordan, J.L. 1868 9-May J. L. Jordan, daughter, near Bald Hill, p. 2:5 Birth
Jordan, Josephine 1871 16-Dec Mrs. Josephine Jordan, age 28, Pino, native of Albany, NY, p. 3:2 Death
Jordan, L.B. Mrs. 1887 14-May Mrs. L.B. Jordan, 33 yrs., Sheridan, p. 4:2 Death
Jordan, Mary L. 1887 13-Aug David Jones & Mary L. Jordan, Clipper Gap, p. 5:5 Marriage
Jordan, Maud 1885 3-Jan Ruben C. Cunningham & L. Maud Jordan, Clipper Gap, p. 5:3 Marriage
Jordan, S.O. 1887 17-Dec S.O. Jordan, son, Gold Run, p. 5:5 Birth
Jory, James 1885 25-May James Jory, daughter, Penryn, p. 5:5 Birth
Joseph Walkup & Co. 1868 8-Aug Notice: Joseph Walkup & Co., newspaper & printing business dissolved by mutual consent. Robert Harty retiring from firm., p. 3:1 News
Joseph, A.A. 1853 7-May A.A. Joseph & Co. New store-medical supplies pg. 4:3 Business
Joslyn, A.B. 1887 4-Jun A.B. Joslyn & L.A. Gaphart, Roseville, p. 5:5 Marriage
Jostin, Peter 1869 17-Apr Peter Jostin, 49 yrs., Rocklin, p. 2:5 Death
Jourdan, E. 1884 26-Apr E. Jourdan, daughter, Colfax, p. 5:4 Birth
Judah, Col. 1861 5-Oct Col. Judah, regiment of volunteers arrived in Auburn, p. 2:1 News
Judah, Theodore D. 1863 7-Nov Theodore D. Judah, died in NY, no longer with CPRR, p.2:5 News
Judd, Maggie 1867 23-Nov Judd, Maggie, wife of William Judd, age 27 yrs., Gold Run, p.2:4 Death
Judd, William 1867 23-Nov Judd, Maggie, wife of William Judd, age 27 yrs., Gold Run, p.2:4 Death
Judy, H.F. 1885 26-Sep H.F. Judy & Lucy N. Sparks, Oakland, p. 5:4 Marriage
Judy, J.V. 1873 26-Apr J.V. Judy 58 yrs., Wheatland, native of MO., p. 3:4 Death
Juergenson, J.N. 1887 2-Apr J.N. Juergenson, son, Sunnysouth, p. 5:6 Birth
Juergenson, P.N. 1886 23-Jan P.N. Juergenson, daughter, Sunnysouth, p. 5:4 Birth
Julian Gold Mining Co. 1872 30-Nov Julian Gold Mining Co., sheriff's sale, p. 2:4 Legal
Julian Gold Mining Co. 1883 18-Aug Julian Gold Mining Co. & James G. Hamilton. A.H. Schnabel sues for foreclosure based on non payment of a promissory note, p. 1:6 News
Julian Gold Mining Co. 1883 15-Dec Sheriff's sale in favor of August H. Schnabel and against Julian Gold Mining Co., p 4:4 Legal
Julian Ledge 1878 8-Jun W.J. Lawrence, new mining claim on the Julian Ledge, p. 4:6 News
Julian Mine 1873 4-Jan Julian Mine, sheriff's sale, p.2:5 Legal
Julian Mine 1882 7-Jan Julian Mine has new shaft, p 5:4 News
Julier, C.F. 1882 20-May C.F. Julier, house & barn totally consumed near Auburn, p. 5:1 News
Julius, John 1854 11-Mar Constable's Sale for Thomas Woods & Co against John Julius, p 3:1 Legal
Jullien, Mary Ann 1855 18-Aug E.L. Seacord & Mary Ann Jullien, p.2:4 Marriage
Junction House 1858 18-Sep Junction House, grand dedication ball, refitted & furnished, p. 2:6 Business
Junction Ranch Hotel 1873 9-Dec Junction Ranch Hotel, new owner, p.3:1 Business
Junction Ranch House 1854 9-Dec Notice of new ownership, Junction Ranch House, John Shannon, owner, hotel, p.3:1 Business
June, David B. 1872 23-Nov David B. June & Emma J. Kirkpatrick, Wheatland, p. 3;3 Marriage
June, Emily Jane 1873 8-Feb Emily Jane June, p.3:4 Death
Jurgenson, Peter 1883 10-Feb Peter Jurgenson & Agnes Little, Grizzly Flat, p. 5:4 Marriage
Justice Starr 1868 29-Aug Constable's sale: Judgment in favor of Geoge E. Trye vs. M.C. Winchester for $83.81 + int. Public sale at Justice Starr's office of Winchester property., p. 2:4 Legal