Name Year Date Description Category
O'Bannon, Ann E. 1887 22-Jan Mrs. Ann E. O'Bannon, 40 yrs., Auburn, native of IN., p. 5:4 Death
O'Bannon, Emma H. 1886 4-Sep William S. Graham & Emma H. O'Bannon, Auburn, p. 5:5 Marriage
O'Bannon, Mollie 1884 26-Apr George J. Morgan & Mollie O' Bannon, Auburn, p. 5:4 Marriage
O'Brien, B.N. 1866 1-Dec O'Brien, B.N., son Birth
O'Brien, B.N. 1872 13-Jul B.N. O'Brien, son, on Rock Creek, p. 3:3 Birth
O'Brien, B.N. 1875 27-Mar Rock Creek schoolhouse. J.T. Darwin, B.N. O'Brien & Mr. Deppendiner, Dependener, p. 3:3 News
O'Brien, B.N. 1885 25-May B.N. O'Brien, barn burned down, totally destroyed including contents, p. 5:4 News
O'Brien, Bernard 1862 14-Jun O'Brien, Bernard, son, Derby Flat, p.2:5 Birth
O'Brien, Bernard N. 1861 21-Aug Bernard N. O'Brien, p.2:6 Marriage
O'Brien, Daniel 1884 23-Feb Daniel O'Brien & Tinnie Liddle, Sunny South, p. 5:4 Marriage
O'Brien, James 1866 4-Aug Summons notice: James O'Brien, to appear before R.C. Poland office 5 Nov. to answer complaint of John Leach who has a judgement against you for $50. If you fail to appear plaintiff will take a judgement against you., p: 2:3 Legal
O'Brien, James 1875 6-Feb James O'Brien, San Jose, native of Ireland, p. 3:4 Death
O'Brien, John 1883 14-Apr John O'Brien, died as a result of a quarry accident, Cisco, p. 5:1 Death
O'Brien, John T. 1854 4-Feb Township Officers- township No. 8-John E. Freeman & John T. O'Brien, Justices; George Wadsworth & W.C. Whinsey- Constables; Township No. 9: Philip Lynch & H.W. Rice, Justice elects; P. Sunderland & Wm Carpenter, Constables, P. 2:3
O'Brien, William 1862 8-Mar O'Brien, William, shot, killed by J.M. Gaunt. Arrested, p.2:3 News
O'Bryne, J. 1856 28-Jun Notice to P. Snyder, J. Sears, J. O'Bryne, D. Owens, & D. Avison, mtg. 2 July to commence operations on the river., p.3:1 Business
O'Conner, Mary Ann 1861 21-Dec Thomas Higgins & Mary Ann O'Connor, p.2:6 Marriage
O'Connor, C. 1868 23-May C. O'Connor & Eliza T. Craig, Smith's Ranch, p.2:5 Marriage
O'Connor, John 1886 20-Mar John O'Connor, 37 yrs., near Foresthill, native of Canada, p. 5:6 Death
O'Donnell, Anna 1885 2-May Calvin Ruter Clarke & Anna O'Donnell, Gold Flat, Nevada Co., p. 5:4 Marriage
O'Donnell, Mary 1884 12-Jul James Clark & Mary O'Donnell, Foresthill, p. 5:4 Marriage
O'Donnell, Sarah Jane 1869 22-May John Shannon & Miss Sarah Jane O'Donnell, Folsom, p. 2:5 Marriage
O'Farrel, Charles 1872 27-Jul Charles O'Farrel, age 15, Virginia City, NV., native of Auburn, p. 3:1 Death
O'Farrell, John 1866 17-Mar John O'Farrell, son, Balo Hill, p.3:1 Birth
O'Farrell, John D. 1872 27-Apr John D. O'Farrell, constable's sale, p. 2:4 Legal
O'Halleron, Kelly L. Michael 1880 10-Jan Martin Devinny, Thomas Kelly, dissolution of partnership. Business to be hereafter conducted by Kelly L. Michael O'Halleron, p. 5:6 Legal
O'Hallerson 1880 3-Jan O'Hallerson, Dwinny & Co., dissolution of partnership, p. 4:4 Legal
O'Hara, James 1866 30-Jun O'Hara, James, 6 months, Lincoln, p: 2:6 Death
O'Hara, John 1869 6-Mar Article: Sudden death of James Keef, native of Waterford, Ireland. Aged 38 yrs., He had been engaged by Richard Fuller for herding sheep. He had sat down, than John O'Hara owner of the ranch found him dead., p. 3:1 Death
O'Hara, John 1869 9-Oct Sarah, wife of John O'Hara, 23 yrs., Lincoln, p. 2:5 Death
O'Hara, John 1870 11-Jun Article: The grasshopper plague made their appearance in W. Placer Co. They entered the Co. at John O'Hara's ranch on Pleasant Grove Creek & have passed over Auburn & Markham ravines. At Graves ranch he had to chink his house with rags to keep them away, p. 3:1 News
O'Hara, John 1871 30-Dec John O'Hara, age 37, Pleasant Grove Creek, Placer Co., native of Ireland,. p. 3:2 Death
O'Hara, Sarah 1869 9-Oct Sarah, wife of John O'Hara, 23 yrs., Lincoln, p. 2:5 Death
O'Laughlin, Lawrence 1885 22-Aug Lawrence O'Laughlin, 36 yrs., Sacramento, native of Ireland, p. 5:4 Death
O'Leary, J. 1882 23-Sep Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. O'Leary, Emigrant Gap, p. 5:4 Death
O'Leary, Jeremiah 1880 27-Nov Jeremiah O'Leary & Mary Ann Murphy, Clipper Gap, p. 5:6 Marriage
O'Mear, Timothy 1855 Aug Notice, fraudulent promissory note by Timothy O'Mear William Turpin, p.1:5 Legal
O'Neal, John 1864 19-Nov John O'Neal, p.2:4 Death
O'Neill, Dennis 1876 15-Apr Dennis O'Neill, 65 yrs., Co. hospital, native of Ireland, p. 5:4 Death
O'Riley, Bernard 1875 15-May Bernard O'Riley, shot by Thomas Campbell, Wisconsin Hill, p. 3:2 Death
O'Sullivan, Dennis 1869 14-Aug Article: Dennis O'Sullivan on Rock Creek about 3 miles from town. House was completely destroyed by fire. The family saved their lives, but nothing else. The neighbors & friends of the family in Auburn are contributing items. There was no insurance, p. 3:1 News
Oaks, Elbridge G. 1873 12-Apr Summons: Elbridge G. Oaks, def. Vs Villian Ford, plaintiff, debt of $123.50, p. 4:5 Legal
Oaks, Elbridge G. 1873 May Elbridge G. Oaks
Oaks, R.M. 1853 23-Jul Sheriff's Sale-Wm George against R.M. Oaks, pg. 3:5 Legal
Obeideener, M. 1854 28-Oct Auburn Book Store, M. Obeideener, prop, ad, p.3:2 Business
Oberdeener, M. 1856 19-Jul School, historical books, musical instruments, p.3:4 School
Oberdeener, M. 1855 14-Apr Ad, music business, M. Oberdeener, prop. p.3:2 Business
Odd Fellows 1875 12-Jun Odd Fellows building repairs, p. 3:1 News
Odd Fellows Hall 1856 2-Feb Odd Fellows dedication ball, Yankee Jim's p.3:2 News
Odd Fellows Hall 1862 8-Mar Family Grocery store opens in basement of Odd Fellows Hall, Henry Stone, prop. p.2:6 Business
Odd Fellows Hall 1862 26-Apr Family grocery store moves from basement of Odd Fellows Hall to brick bldg, next to Magnolia Saloon. p.2:2 & p.3:2 Business
Odd Fellows Hall 1862 27-Dec Wilson, William B., opens grocery store in basement of Odd Fellows Hall. p.2:1 Business
Odd Fellows Hall 1863 31-Jan J.R. Gwynn's variety store moves from Odd Fellows Hall to East St. north of cemetery, p.2:3&5 Business
Odd Fellows Hall 1863 31-Jan Wilson, William B., reopens grocery store in Odd Fellows Hall, p.2:6 Business
Odd Fellows Hall 1863 14-Nov Drug store reopened in basement of Odd Fellows Hall, H. Hazell, prop., p.2:1 Business
Odd Fellows Hall 1864 27-Aug Gwynn's Variety store moved under Odd Fellows Hall, p.2:1&6 Business
Odom, Rev A. 1877 5-May Marriage of John W. Rains to Lucy A. Richardson by Rev A Odom, p 6:4 Marriage
Odom, Rev A. 1877 19-May Marriage of Harold Cornforth to Martha J. Brown in Wheatland by Rev. A. Odom, p 5:4 Marriage
Oest, Katie M. 1886 2-Jan James H. Leake & Katie M. Oest, Sacramento, p. 5:4 Marriage
Oest, Peter 1876 15-Jul Peter Oest, mineral citation, p. 3:5 News
Office of CA Stage Co 1862 15-Mar American Hotel, purchased by Stephens & Edgington. Office of CA. Stage Co., p.2:1&6 Business
Officer Conley 1868 2-May Article: Robbery & capture on 4-24-1868. A.G. Reed, Auburn, robbed of $110 in coin & watch. Dep. Sanborn & Rettinger in pursuit with aid of officers Conley & Riley of Folsom. Captured Texas & Dutchman & brought to Auburn jail. Bail $2,000 each., p. 3:1 News
Officer, Riley 1868 2-May Article: Robbery & capture on 4-24-1868. A.G. Reed, Auburn, robbed of $110 in coin & watch. Dep. Sanborn & Rettinger in pursuit with aid of officers Conley & Riley of Folsom. Captured Texas & Dutchman & brought to Auburn jail. Bail $2,000 each., p. 3:1 News
Offices for rent 1855 17-Nov Offices for rent, Holmes fireproof brick bldg., H.T. Holmes, p.3:3 Real Estate
Offutt, John W. 1885 7-Mar John W. Offutt & Addie Lou Nickerson, Roseville, p. 5:4 Marriage
Ogden 1852 11-Sep Union Hotel, Ophir, Ogden & Chadwick, Main St. p. 3:2 Business
Ogden, E. H. 1853 17-Sep Constables Sale-E.H. Ogden & Co. against John Patterson, Pg 3:4 Legal
Ogden, E. H. 1853 8-Oct Constables Sale for D.Choat against H. Ogden pg 3:4 Legal
Ogden, Samuel 1860 8-Dec Samuel Ogden by cave-in near Mt. Pleasant House, p. 2:3 Death
Ogle, Daniel W. 1886 23-Oct Daniel W. Ogle & Eva Burriell, Sacramento, p. 5:3 Marriage
OIRM Grand Ball 1874 25-Apr I.O.R.M. Grand Ball, Delaware tribe, #48, p. 2:4 News
Old Magnolia Saloon 1870 23-Jul Article: Charles Higgins proprietor of the Old Magnolia saloon, returns after 2 years. Again opening the saloon on Nevada & Commercial streets in Auburn, p. 3:1 Business
Old Man Mountain Turnpike 1868 23-May Constable's sale: Favor of Samuel B. Wyman & A.J. Webster, against Old Man Mountain Turnpike Co. for sum of $93 + costs. Public auction in Cisco, Placer Co., 6-30-1868, all franchises & rights., p. 2:5 Legal
Old Meat Market 1884 14-Jun Old Meat Market, A. Seifer, Prop., re-opened, fresh beef, mutton, veal & corned beef., p. 8:5 Business
Old St. Patrick 1876 23-Sep Old St. Patrick leased by Myres, Riley & McLaughlin struck rock "gold", p 5:1 Legal
Oler, Jacob 1887 14-May Jacob Oler, 72 yrs., near Hotaling, p. 4:2 Death
Olesen, W. 1881 28-May W. Olesen & family, house completely destroyed by fire, p. 5:2 News
Oliphant, D.D. 1884 6-Dec D.D. Oliphant, daughter, Portland, OR., p. 5:4 Birth
Oliphant, D.D. 1884 5-Jan D.D. Oliphant & Annie E. Reamer, Portland, OR., p. 5:4 Marriage
Oliphant, David D. 1884 12-Jan David D. Oliphant & Anna E. Reamer, Portland, OR., p. 5:1 Marriage
Olive Raising 1887 30-Apr Ag: Olive raising, p. 1:4 Business
Oliver 1867 1-Jun New firm: Oliver & Fox, Gold Run, groceries & provisions, also miners goods. Duck & quicksilver kept on hand., p.2:6 Ad
Oliver 1867 1-Jun Notice: All person indebted to the late firm of Mason & White please make payment as our books must balance either by cash or note. Mr. Oliver in our absense is authorized to receive money on our accounts, Gold Run, p. 2:6 Business
Oliver, A.G. 1881 8-Oct A.G. Oliver, son, Gold Run, p. 5:6 Birth
Oliver, Alexander Bigson 1874 8-Aug Jonathon Fletcher Moody & Alexander Bigson Oliver. Co. partnership notice, general mdse., Gold Run, Moody & Co., p. 2:5 Legal
Oliver, George 1884 7-Jun George Oliver & Mary Stinclift, Sheridan, p. 5:4 Marriage
Oliver, Tillie P. 1882 2-Sep Ivory R. Marston & Tillie P. Oliver, Penryn, p. 5:3 Marriage
Olmstead 1855 22-Sep Iowa Hill News, newspaper, printed by Messrs. Miller & Olmstead p.3:1 News
Olney, Charles E. JP 1868 18-Apr Summons: State of CA. , Placer Co., Twp. 11. Henry Arbuckle, you are summoned to appear in Cisco on Tues. 21 April, 1868 at 2 p.m. to answer complaint of Wyman & Webster for sum of $282. If you fail to appear a judgment against you. Charles E. Olney, JP., p. 2:5 Legal
Olney, Neely 1870 9-Jul Neely Olney, 18 yrs., Colfax, native of Astoria, OR., p. 2:6 Death
Olney, Neely 1870 16-Jul Neeley Olney, aged 18 yrs., Colfax, native of OR., p. 2:6 Death
Olsen, Folger 1878 31-Aug Folger Olsen, 32 yrs., Co., hospital, native of Norway, p. 5:5 Death
Oneida Tribe of Order 1870 9-Jul Article: Oneida Tribe of Order of Red Men, Dutch Flat, have elected the following officers . Viz. Sachem, J.M. Fulweiler, John H. Bake, J.M. Knight, John Nichole, p. 3:2 News
Ong, Ah 1870 5-Nov Ah Ong Married Nong Yup on Nov 4, by Judge R.C. Poland,p.2:4 Marriage
Opel, George 1885 21-Mar George Opel & Mrs. D. Barber, Auburn, p. 5:3 Marriage
Openshaw, Squire 1868 9-May Squire Openshaw & Anre Carter, San Francisco, p. 2:5 Marriage
Opherville 1853 24-Sep Post Office Established, P.M. is D.B. Curtis, pg 2:2 News
Ophir 1865 9-Sep Summons, Perry Clark to appear before JOP James Moore at Ophir to answer complaint of A. Mills, judgement for $249, p.1:3 Law
Ophir 1867 6-Apr Hoagland, Joseph & Corista O Wiloer, Ophir, p. 2:6 Marriage
Ophir & Gold Blossom Mine 1882 21-Oct Messers. Craig & Fulweiler, sale of Ophir & Gold Blossom Mine, p. 5:1 News
Ophir Copper, Silver & Gold 1873 7-Jun Ophir Copper, Silver & Gold Mining Co., sheriff's sale, p. 4:4 Legal
Ophir School Ball 1867 7-Dec Ophir School Ball, Fri. evening 12-20-1867. Benefit for Ophir school district library, tickets $2.50 each, p. 2:5 News
Ophir school board 1881 17-Sep Ophir school board, special election re: raising $250 to repair school, p. 8:5 News
Ophir Silver Mining Co. 1864 19-Mar $4dividend declared by Ophir Silver Mining Co. Business
Orange Trees 1886 4-Dec Several of the oldest orange trees in the Co. yield annually from 1500 to 2000 oranges each. At 1000 to the tree, and 100 trees to the acre, and oranges selling at a cent apiece, which is lower than they have ever been here, how much would an acre produce?, p. 5:3 News
Oranges 1875 13-Mar Oranges, seeds planted long ago, article, p. 3:3 News
Orazo, Jose 1885 28-Mar Jose Orazo, 50 yrs., Co. hospital, native of Chile, p. 5:4 Death
Orcherd, George 1871 18-Nov George Orcherd & Amy P. Harper, Sacramento, p. 3:2 Marriage
Ordinances 1860 26-May Auburn Town Ordinances, p.2:4 Legal
Ordway, Lorenzo W. 1883 16-Jun Lorenzo W. Ordway & Cilla H. Gardner, daughter of Capt. M.S Gardner of Dutch Flat, Modesto, p. 5:4 Marriage
Oregon Bar 1867 2-Mar Miller, Jonas, son, Oregon Bar, p.3:1 Birth
Origins of names 1853 26-Mar Origin of names of 24 states, p. 1:5 News
Orleans Hotel 1855 3-Mar Orleans Hotel & Restaurant opening, owner Charles Morrison, p.3:1 Business
Orleans Hotel 1855 9-Jun Orleans Hotel, open for business, Charles Morrison, prop., p.2:5 Business
Orleans Hotel 1855 29-Sep CA. Stage Co. office moved to Orleans Hotel, p.2:1 Business
Orleans Hotel 1856 12-Jan Ad, Orleans Hotel for sale, p.3:2 Business
Orleans Hotel 1864 6-Aug Orleans Hotel opened, Mrs. Irving, prop. Corner of Main & Court St.'s., Auburn, p.2:1&6 Business
Orleans Hotel 1875 3-Jul A.Lipsett, old warhorse of landlords, aquired title to Orleans Hotel, p. 3:1 Business
Orleans Hotel 1875 25-Sep Orleans Hotel, repairing & refitting throughout, A. Lipsett, article, p. 3:2 News
Orleans mine 1874 24-Jan Orleans mine, p.3:1 News
Orleans mine 1874 28-Feb The Orleans mine, p. 4:2 Business
Orman, Jennie A. 1876 27-May Peter H. Higgins & Jennie A. Orman, Fresno, p. 5:3 Marriage
Oro Co. 1872 2-Mar Oro Co., constable's sale, p.2:4 Legal
Oro Mine 1877 10-Feb Oro & Dardenelles Mines near Forethill purchased by Mr. Jos. McGillivray, p 5:1 News
Orphan Asylum 1868 15-Aug Orphan Asylum in Grass Valley, Aug. 31, 1868 Sisters of Mercy in charge. Can accommadate many children whose parents can afford $45 per quarter for each child., p. 2:5 News
Orr, Ann 1883 22-Sep Luke Mannion to Ann Orr on Sept 16 in Catholic Church by Rev. Father Leahy, p 5:5 Marriage
Orr, David 1868 7-Mar David Orr & Mrs. Elizabeth Christian, Yankee Hill, p. 2:5 Marriage
Orr, James 1869 9-Jan James Orr, daughter, Auburn, p. 2:3 Birth
Orr, James J. 1869 31-Jul Article: James J. Orr charged with assault upon Elliot West with intent to commit murder. Was brought before Judge Spear on July 30th. Judge Spear discharged James J. Orr from custody, being of the opinion the evidence did not justify the detention., p. 3:1 News
Orr, John 1885 27-Jun John Orr, son, near Auburn, p. 5:6 Birth
Orr, Mary 1863 29-Aug Michael Moran married Mary Orr, p.3:3 Marriage
Orr, Matt 1872 29-Jun Matt Orr & Anna Ratchford, Sacramento, p. 3:3 Marriage
Orr, Matt 1873 15-Mar Matt Orr, daughter, North Fork Bridge, near Auburn, p. 3:3 Birth
Orr, Matt 1878 16-Mar Matt Orr, daughter, Auburn, p. 5:5 Birth
Orr, Matthew 1879 11-Oct Matthew Orr, 45 yrs., Penryn, native of Ireland, p. 5:5 Death
Orr, Mr. 1869 17-Jul News article: On July 10, Mr. West & Mr. Orr, both keepers of public houses at the depot had a difficulty. Whereas Mr. Orr stabbed M. West with a dirk knife, seriously wounding him. Mr. Orr, under bond will have a preliminary examination before Judge Spear., p. 2:5 News
Orr, P. 1871 6-May P. Orr, son, Auburn, p. 2:3 Birth
Orr, P. 1880 7-Aug P. Orr, son, Penryn, p. 5:4 Birth
Orr, Patrick 1873 8-Mar Matt Orr, son, Auburn, p. 3:3 Birth
Orr, Patrick 1884 9-Feb Patrick Orr, daughter, Auburn Station, p. 5:4 Birth
Orr, Thomas 1869 22-May Thomas Orr, Jr., & Maggie Walker, Auburn, p. 2:5 Marriage
Orr, William H. 1863 14-Nov William H. Orr, p.2:6 Death
Ort, George 1868 22-Aug Constable's sale: By an act of the legislature securing mechanics liens against George Ort, Frederick Brune & P. Mundy agent for E.P. Dunn, I've commanded to sell about 400 barrels of lime by request of George K. Morrison for labor $175.57., p. 2:5 Legal
Osborn, Gould 1872 16-Nov Gould Osborn, age 60, Auburn, native of CT., p.3:3 Death
Osborn, Sarah A. 1886 7-Aug Henry Warren & Sarah A. Osborn, Applegate, p. 5:4 Marriage
Osborn, W. 1855 3-Nov Fashion Saloon open, W. Osburn, prop. p.3:2 Business
Osborn, W.B. 1873 16-Aug W.B. Osborn & Anna M. Pratt, Gates ranch, near Lincoln, p. 3:2 Marriage
Osborn, W.B. 1881 18-Jun W.B. Osborn, son, Applegate Station, p. 5:6 Birth
Osborn, Watson B. 1886 2-Jan Watson B. Osborn, 59 yrs., near Applegate, native of NY., p. 5:4 Death
Osborn, William 1880 26-Jun William Osborn, son, Ophir, p. 5:3 Birth
Osborne, William 1860 21-Jul William Osborne, son, p.3:1 Birth
Osborne, William 1878 22-Jun William Osborne, son, Ophir, p. 5:4 Birth
Osbourne, William 1867 19-Jan Osbourne, William, daughter, Auburn, p.2:5 Birth
Osburn, Harriet 1867 3-Aug Osburn, Harriet, wife of W.B. Osburn, age 33 yrs. Clipper Gap, p.2:6 Death
Osburn, Harriet 1867 31-Aug Probate notice: Estate of Harriet Osburn: 14 Sept. at the courthouse for approval of the will of said deceased by James E. Simpson, p2:6 Legal
Osburn, W.B. 1867 3-Aug Osburn, Harriet, wife of W.B. Osburn, age 33 yrs. Clipper Gap, p.2:6 Death
Osburn, William 1862 12-Apr Osburn, William, son, Auburn, p.2:6 Birth
Osmyn 1878 9-Mar Osmyn & L. P. St. Clair, sheriff's sale in favor of George Gunnoldson in the amt. Of $5227., p. 5:5 Legal
Osterbrink, Clemens 1873 19-Jul Clemens Osterbrink, daughter, Bath, p. 3:3 Birth
Osterbrink, Lizzie 1879 12-Jul Lizzie Osterbrink, aged 4 yrs., Foresthill, p. 5:4 Death
Oswig, Julius Mrs. 1883 30-Jun Mrs. Julius Oswig, 30 yrs., Iowa Hill, native of Germany, p. 5:4 Death
Oswold, George 1879 18-Jan George Oswold, constable's sale in favor of Donald Munroe in sum of $53.82, p. 4:5 Legal
Otis, Emma 1884 26-Mar William H. Bond & Emma Otis, Lowell, MA., p. 4:2 Marriage
Our fruits East 1874 7-Nov Our fruits East, importance of CA. fruit, p. 1:3 News
Out, Maria Dorothea 1879 20-Dec Maria Dorothea Out, 42 yrs., Keystone ranch north of Auburn, p. 5:4 Death
Owens, D. 1856 28-Jun Notice to P. Snyder, J. Sears, J. O'Bryne, D. Owens, & D. Avison, mtg. 2 July to commence operations on the river., p.3:1 Business
Owens, David R. 1887 9-Jul David R. Owens, daughter, Penryn, p. 5:5 Birth
Owens, Ephraim 1886 9-Oct Ephraim Owens & Elizabeth Whitely, Ophir, p. 5:3 Marriage
Owens, Jerome 1873 20-Dec Auburn, Dec 10, Jerome Owens was married to Miss Elizabeth Duncan by R.C. Poland, J.P., p 3:2 Marriage
Owens, John 1878 10-Aug John Owens, son, Penryn, p. 5:6 Birth
Owens, O.R. 1887 11-Jun Willie, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. O.R. Owens, aged 2 yrs., Penryn, p. 5:6 Death
Owens, Owen R. 1883 13-Jan Owen R. Owens, daughter, Penryn, p. 5:4 Birth
Owens, Peter G. 1884 12-Apr Peter G. Owens & Mattie J. Berry, Lincoln, p. 5:3 Marriage
Owens, Thomas 1883 28-Apr Thomas Owens & Mary D. Basile, Lincoln, p. 5:5 Marriage
Owens, Willie 1887 11-Jun Willie, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. O.R. Owens, aged 2 yrs., Penryn, p. 5:6 Death
Oxendine 1867 30-Mar Ad: Headquarters Saloon, opens on Main St., next door to Ed Walsh's tailor shop. Liquors, cigars, fruits, & candies, Oxendine & Poland., p.2:6 Business
Oyster Saloon 1875 2-Jan John Linegar, popular Oyster Saloon, p. 3:1 News