Name Year Date Description Category
U.S. Gold Coin 1877 10-Mar Assessment of $1.25 per share placed on U.S. Gold Coin, p 4:3 Legal
Uncle Sam - ship 1856 12-Jan Stowaway on ship, Uncle Sam -Adams & Co. case p.2:3 News
Underwood, James H. 1882 1-Jul James H. Underwood, found guilty on July 29, 1882 of murder of R.S. Alberson on Jan. 7, 1882 News
Underwood, Margaret E. 1863 25-Dec Josiah Dodge to Margaret E. Underwood, p.2:4 Marriage
Union Hotel 1853 16-Jul Ophir destroyed by fire, started in kitchen of Union Hotel, pg. 4:1 News
Union Livery Stable 1856 30-Aug Union Livery Stable, p. 3:4 Business
Union Livery Stable 1858 11-Sep Union Livery Stable, p. 3:2 Business
Union Livery Stable 1858 2-Oct Union Livery Stable, p. 3:6 Business
Union Livery Stable 1859 29-Oct Union Livery Stable, partnership, p.2:6 Legal
Union Quartz mill 1863 8-Aug Union Quartz mill boarding house at Iowa Hill & bridge at Indian Canyon destroyed by fire, p.2:6 News
Union Saloon 1861 5-Oct Union Saloon moved opposite post office, p.2:1 News
Union St. 1864 17-Dec Turnpike Saloon, Dwyer & Nolan, prop's., opens corner of Nevada & Union St.'s , Auburn, p.2:6 Business
Union St. 1865 2-Sep Ad, Turnpike Saloon, corner of Nevada & Union St's., opposite Toll House, p.3:6 Business
Union Store 1862 19-Apr Stephens & Maguire, new firm replacing Union Store. p.2:3&6 Business
United States Hotel 1853 21-May United States Hotel burned, owners Winkley & Wright pg. 2:1 News
United States House 1865 17-Jun United States House, new prop. Andy Poland, p.2:3&5 Business
United States Restaurant 1856 13-Dec United States Restaurant, p. 2:6 Business
Upp, Charles 1884 23-Aug Charles Upp & Amelia Garbe, Todds Valley, p. 5:5 Marriage
Upton, S.J. 1853 26-Nov Constable's Sale for M.B. Tubb, Samuel Todd & S.J. Upton against U.B. Thomas, pg 2:5 Legal
Uren, C.E. 1886 19-Jun C.E. Uren, son, Grass Valley, p. 5:4 Birth
Uren, Charles 1884 5-Jan Charles Uren, daughter, Dutch Flat, p. 5:4 Birth
Uren, Charles E. 1885 28-Feb Harrold, son of Charles E. Uren, late of Dutch Flat., aged 1 yr., San Francisco, p. 5:5 Death
Uren, E.C. 1883 28-Jul Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. E.C. Uren, Dutch Flat, p. 5:5 Death
Uren, Harrold 1885 28-Feb Harrold, son of Charles E. Uren, late of Dutch Flat., aged 1 yr., San Francisco, p. 5:5 Death
Uren, J.B. 1873 18-Jan J. B. Uren & Lina Hoos, Dutch Flat, p. 3:2 Marriage
Uren, John B. 1874 24-Jan John B. Uren, in memoriam, I.O. of Redmen, Dutch Flat, p. 3:3 Death
Uren, Simon 1887 17-Dec Simon Uren, 50 yrs., Dutch Flat, native of England, p. 5:5 Death
Utt, Albert 1870 10-Dec Albert, son of Daniel & Mary Utt on Dec 6, 2 yrs, 6 mo, p. 2:4 Death
Utt, D.W. 1864 16-Jul D.W. Utt to Mary V. Hill, p.2:6 Marriage