Name Year Date Description Category
Vail, William D. 1884 19-Apr William D. Vail & Magdeline C. Woodin, San Francisco & Los Angeles, p. 5:3 Marriage
Valet, Christopher 1869 25-Dec Christopher Valet, 70 yrs., Carolton, native of Germany, p. 2:4 Death
Valet, Christopher 1870 15-Oct Estate of Christopher: Creditors have 10 months to provide vouchers, P.2:4 Legal
Valley Clipper Gap 1867 10-Aug For Sale: Eastern extension of turnpike from Lincoln & Valley Clipper Gap & lumber regions of Placer & Nevada Co.'s. Receipts of road reach about $1,000 per year, Joseph Walkup, p.2:6 Business
Van Briesen, Vactor 1885 11-Jul Vactor Van Briesen & A.C. Cuddhey, American Hotel, Auburn, p. 5:6 Marriage
Van Buren, Josiah 1884 24-May Josiah Van Buren, age 65 yrs., Gold Run, native of NY., p. 5:4 Death
Van Divier, John F. 1883 1-Sep Sheriff's Sale in favor of Joseph Byrne and T.J. Pettitt, estate of Matthew Reed, against Adelia Hill, p4:3 Legal
Van Dusen, Mary L. 1887 16-Jul John Mertens & Mary L. Van Dusen, Auburn, p. 5:6 Marriage
Van Eman, Alex 1870 12-Feb Alex Van Eman, cave in on a mining claim, Michigan Bluff, p. 2:4 Death
Van Emon, H.L. 1875 12-Jun H.L. Van Emon, Big Gun, Bath/Michigan Bluff, enlarging ditch, p. 3:2 News
Van Froseen, Esther A. 1872 7-Sep Benjamin Pierce & Esther A. Van Froseen, Auburn, p. 3:3 Marriage
Van Marter, Francis M. 1885 19-Dec Francis M. Van Marter, Sacramento, p. 5:4 Marriage
Van Trees Hotel 1870 2-Jul Article: Fire June 28, at Rocklin at the Van Trees Hotel. In spite of all efforts to save it, the entire property, including barns & outbuildings were destroyed. A cook stove is suspected of causing the fire. It took efforts of the town to save Lincoln from the fire, p. 3:1 News
Van Trees House 1867 6-Jul Ad: Van Trees House, Rocklin, Placer Co., Mrs. Van Trees opens her establishment . A superior hotel will continue to set a fine dining table, clean sheets, & a well set bar., p.2:6 Ad
Van Trees, Daniel 1867 2-Mar Van Trees, Daniel, 46 yrs., 11 mos., Rocklin, p.3:1 Death
Van Trees, Ella 1869 22-May John Sweeney & Ella Van Trees, Rocklin, p. 2:5 Marriage
Van Trees, Frank 1879 4-Jan Frank Van Trees, 14 yrs., Rocklin, p. 5:4 Death
Van Tress, Josephine 1870 11-Jun Edward F. Matteson & Josephine Van Tress, Rocklin, p. 2:6 Marriage
Van Vactor, William 1868 18-Jul William Van Vactor, son, Iowa Hill, p. 3:2 Birth
Van Wyck, A.M. 1872 3-Aug A.M. Van Wyck, summons, debt, p.4:3 Legal
Vandyke, M.H. 1853 24-Dec Constable's Sale for Lewis Haddick & C. Myres against M.H. Vandyke, pg 3:2 Legal
VanEmon, B.C. 1887 9-Jul B.C. VanEmon & Jennie Morgan, Oakland, p. 5:5 Marriage
VanGieson, John 1868 13-Jun Summons: NY & CA Mining Co., composed of William Holdredge. You are summoned to appear to answer complaint of John VanGieson for a judgment of $282.64. If you fail to appear you will be in default., p. 2:5 Legal
Vanmater 1860 26-May Vanmater, p.2:2 Business
Vanmater, J.M. 1863 31-Jan J.M. Vanmater, daughter, p.2:5 Birth
Varner, William 1868 27-Jun William Varner & Charles Krinkle, dissolution of partnership, name of Donner Lake Brewery, Truckee, NV. Co., CA., 6 June, 1868, p. 2:4 Legal
Varney, A.C. 1873 18-Oct Infant daughter of A.C. Varney, Oct 4 in Truckee, P. 3:2 Death
Varnum, Paschal 1878 4-May Paschal Varnum, son, Auburn, p. 5:5 Birth
Vassariat, Lewis 1854 21-Jan Sheriff's Sale-Judgement in favor of Joseph Klopenstene, Andrew Klopenstene & Lewis Vassariat against Rufus Smith, O.P.Douglass & H. Pendleton Legal
Vaughns, F.R. 1880 2-Oct F.R. Vaughns, land citation filed by above, p. 4:4 Legal
Veliagan, August 1853 17-Sep Constable Sale-L. Bristerfield against August Veliagan, pg 3:1 Legal
Venereal Disease 1857 18-Apr Law passed in legislature to give no latitude to those with venereal disease produced by intemperance. Shall not be supported at public expense, p.2:3 News
Venzke, F.W. 1883 21-Jul F.W. Venzke & Caroline Alderson, Auburn, p. 5:5 Marriage
Verholtz, John 1862 13-Dec John Verholtz, p.2:6 Death
Verholtz, Mary 1863 24-Jan Mrs. Mary Verholtz, p.2:5 Death
Vicencia, Cosmo 1879 9-Aug Cosmo Vicencia, taken possession of a house described in the Add., p. 3:4 Legal
Vickers, James 1870 18-Jun Fatal accident occurred at Damascus on June 16. Mr. James Vickers, while hauling timber with an ox team, stopped his team & went to the rear, while he was there the team started, causing the stringer to swing & strike him in the head, p. 3:1 News
Vickers, James 1870 18-Jun James Vickers, 66 yrs., Demascus, native of TX., p. 2:5 Death
Vickers, James 1870 6-Aug Probate notice: Deceased: James Vickers. Thomas Jamison, Pub. Administrator of Placer Co. Notice to all persons having claims against deceased estate. Exhibit all vouchers with 10 months. The office of Jamison in Auburn, Aug. 6, 1870, Placer Herald, p. 2:5 Legal
Vickers, James 1870 13-Aug Probate notice to creditors, Thomas Jamison, Public Adm. Estate of James Vickers, p. 4:4 Legal
Vickery, Mary 1884 10-May Jacob Roll & Mary Vickery, Los Angeles, p. 5:4 Marriage
Vidal, Louis 1879 18-Oct Louis Vidal, 67 yrs., Co., hospital, native of France, p. 5:4 Death
Vier, Mieager C. 1882 29-Apr Mieager C. Vier, Alonzo Caldwell, cave-in at a mine on Georgia killing Vier and, seriously injuring Caldwell, p. 5:2 News
Viles, Nellie M. 1876 4-Nov Marriage of Daniel B. Boulware to Nellie M Viles on Oct 25 by Rev. Chas Luce, p 4:4 Marriage
Villegan, Mercedas 1856 19-Apr Warden, H.M., Mercedas Villegan, p.2:6 Marriage
Vincent, Augustine 1887 14-May Augustine Vincent, 50 yrs., Foresthill, p. 4:2 Death
Vincent, Nicholas 1885 10-Jan Nicholas Vincent, 59 yrs., Pilot Hill, native of RI., p. 5:3 Death
Virginia, Placer Co. 1866 14-Jul Sanders, Mattie Burdge, daughter of C.C. & Mary, Virginia, Placer Co., infant, p:3:2 Death
Virginia, Placer Co. 1866 10-Nov Butler, C. S. & Miss M.J. Bosquiet, Virginia, Placer Co., p:3:1 Marriage
Virginiatown 1869 17-Apr D.W. Thorndike & Mary A. Bosquit, Virginiatown, p. 2:5 Marriage
Virt, August 1885 22-Aug August Virt, 63 yrs., Foresthill, native of Province of Lorraine, p. 5:4 Death
Vitis, Annie M. 1879 20-Dec Adolphuys Jamison & Annie M. Vitis, Ukiah, p. 5:4 Marriage
Vivian, May 1882 18-Mar May Vivian, 28 yrs., Penryn, native of Ireland, p. 5:4 Death
Vogt, Jacob 1881 26-Feb Jacob Vogt, killed by a boar hog in Lincoln. Bled to death from a wound inflicted by the boars tusk thrust, p. 5:3 Death
Voight, Charles 1872 1-Jun Charles Voight, daughter, Dutch Flat, p.3:3 Birth
Voight, Charles 1874 31-Oct Charles Voight & John H. Lacamp, partnership certification, p. 4:2 Legal
Voight, Charles 1878 23-Mar Charles Voight, 47 yrs., Dutch Flat, native of Germany, p. 5:4 Death
Volcano Bar 1854 25-Mar Fatal duel at Volcano Bar between David E. Hacker who killed J.S. Landon on 2nd fire, p 2:2 News
Volland, Christian 1887 20-Aug Christian Volland, 63 yrs., Duncan Canyon, native of Germany, p. 5:5 Death
Volney, Engle 1873 9-Aug Volney Engle, son, Colfax, p. 3:1 Birth
Vore, Edmund 1886 25-Sep Edmund Vore & Mary E. Mitchell, New England Mills, p. 5:3 Marriage
Voss, L. 1874 3-Jan L.Voss & Frank Lux, dissolution of partnership, p.4:4 Legal